Thursday, November 29, 2007

Things I Heard Today:

*the timer on the stove...from the bedroom. Will was cooking a pizza and I thought I heard it go off, so I dashed in the kitchen just in time to see him taking the pizza out of the oven. The kids were bowled over that I heard it!
*Coconuts sloshing at Wal-Mart.
*Hubby snoring. This is not a new sound...I've heard it for years....but it has seemed so loud and clear the past few days that I have threatened to make him a star on YouTube the next time he starts up. He used to say that he didn't snore...until we confronted him with video proof several years back. If I wasn't deaf when I took these processors off I'd have to sleep in another room...for sure!
*More music. I didn't find a lot of new things today...mainly I listened to some of the songs I've been collecting this week. Time To Say Goodbye is stuck in my brain right now...GORGEOUS. I think that I'm going to find myself hooked on opera...I never would have thought!
*I played a game over on called "Audio Concentration". It's like the kids' game flip over two cards at a time and match them up...except that you LISTEN to the words and match the pictures! Try it...check out the website and do "Game 1". I thought I was going to go crazy...some of those words sounded IDENTICAL. I DID match them all up within the time limit, but it sure was hard!!!

Tomorrow I go to Vanderbilt for a new programming session, and then I think I'll go shop for a while...I am SO behind on shopping that it's not funny....I only have two or three things bought...TOTAL...and haven't ordered my Christmas cards yet *sigh*. I need to get busy!!! I used to shoot for having Christmas cards sent out by December 1st. I'm slipping...there's no way that's going to happen this'll be a wonder if they're all where they're supposed to be by Christmas this year. I've already gotten my first Christmas card of the year...just remindin' me what a slacker I am!!
Turning in early tonight...have to get up at 6 and drive to Nashville in the morning, so I'd better sleep while I can! Love y'all! :)

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