Monday, November 5, 2007

I made it! :)

I'm feeling kind of wrung out, but other than that, not just horrible. I am currently under the influence of drugs so I just hope this post is readable...we'll see :)
Yesterday was great....I made soup for lunch and the in-laws came to eat. I made a new soup recipe that was so good...and easy...that I'm adding it to my permanent soup repertoire. It's called Italian Sausage Soup...and the ingredients didn't really sound like they'd add up to much, but I was try it :)
Last night we drove to Nashville and went to church there then went to eat with some of my wonderful HLAA buddies. Shari, Kevin, Bob, Beverly, and Janice and her son CJ came to meet us at Joe's Crab Shack and we had a great time!! Hubby was 42 yesterday so we celebrated by singing to him and they bought him out a cheesecake sampler plate (yum!) After we left there we went back to Shari and Kevin's house and sat up and talked for a while. The menfolks went on to bed a little earlier and Shari and I stayed up and talked til around midnight. I didn't go straight to sleep though...a little wound up...I think I eventually fell asleep around 1:30 AM. I woke up every half hour or so and finally got up for good around 5 AM. We got up and got dressed and found the surgery center with no problems. Once we got there they were very efficient and started up on the paperwork right away...then I changed and got into the bed. The nurses gave me some Zantac and Reglan, I think they said it was, because I was so sick last time, and they also stuck a little patch about the size of a dime behind my left ear to help control nausea. I got to meet the anesthesiologist and a whole slew of medical personnel. My parents and buddy Suriel came in around 7:20, and pretty much right on the nose at 7:30 the nurses asked everyone to leave and they started shooting up the Fentanyl and Stadol. They wheeled me just around the corner to the OR and asked me to switch beds. I told them we needed to hurry and do it because I was starting to fade fast. I remember making the switch and then the mask went on my face, and that was it :)
I woke up a bit later and the nurse told me that it was 10:30 (hubby said that the surgeon came out at 9:45 and said that it was over). The nurse gave me a Pepsi and then started talking pain relief...I had a horrible earache. They gave me two doses of morphine and then some Percocet and it got much better. After about half an hour or so they said that I could get dressed and go home, so hubby came in and helped me get dressed. I was afraid to get up and start walking for fear I'd start throwing up (that's what happened last time) but surprisingly, the vertigo wasn't just horrible (I do have quite a bit, but nothing like last time) and haven't been sick even one time (that anti-nausea patch is wonderful, and they said I could keep it on for three days....yay!).
After I got the clothes on they said I could go...and hubby had the car parked just outside the door...I was allowed to walk. My family and my friends Shari and Gwen were there waiting for a big 'em! I think everyone was surprised that I was walking and not getting sick everywhere, ha :) Hubby and I drove around and grabbed lunch and a Cherry Limeade before heading home. We also ran into Walgreens and picked up some Raspberry M&Ms....Shari told us about them last night, and hubby wanted to see if he could find them. They're limited edition, and they were on the CLEARANCE TABLE for $1.25 a bag (the big bags....75% off!) So here I sit....water and painkillers on one side of the bed, laptop in lap, and M&Ms beside me.
The pain relievers they gave me at the hospital are wearing off and I'm starting to feel like I have that hole in the head...I can feel the incision now and the earache's bad. My other ear hurts pretty bad, too...since I was laying on it, I suspect. I have bruises on my face (one lovely one over my lip for some reason) and my shoulder, but haven't seen the face or the ear under the tuban yet (it stays on until tomorrow)....and my hair...oy! The turban is wrapped around and around, with a hole in the top and my hair sticking out...I remind myself of a sprouty head of garlic :) My surgeon told hubby that he didn't shave ANY hair at all...I can't wait to see that!
Pictures are up at the Picasa Web Albums....I'll probably try to put a few of them on here later, but uploading them to Picasa was enough work for one day :)
THANK YOU for your prayers...they meant SO much!! I have the best friends in the world :)
Love you all..... :)

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