Tuesday, November 13, 2007

A few items of interest:

This just in from HLAA:
"The Hearing Loss Association of America has been invited to participate in a forum with manufacturers and broadcasters of televisions to discuss issues facing us all in the transition to digital from analog television. In order to best prepare for this opportunity we are asking for your feedback on your experiences and preferences with regards to captioning and digital television. Please complete the survey no later than Friday November 16, 2007 by 12 noon. If you have any additional questions please contact Christopher T. Sutton via email at csutton@hearingloss.org Thank you for taking time to respond to this survey!"
The survey can be accessed at

I know there are about to be some TV/captioning changes, but don't know much about them. If you take the survey, it will offer you the option to share your e-mail address and get information as to what changes will be taking place. Check it out! :)

Next up: the HLAA convention! I went this summer to the one in OKC and had a GREAT time (read about it in the June archives and look at the pictures in the Picasa web albums!) The 2008 convention will be in Reno/Tahoe, NV, June 12-15. The reason I'm posting about it NOW is that early bird registration is only available through Dec. 31st...it's a chance to save some money if you decide soon that you want to go :) Registration information is here.
I have hotel information...but since it was on the website, and is now off again, I'm going to wait a bit before I post it. I do know for a fact that we'll be staying at the Grand Sierra Resort...and the prices I've heard so far are very reasonable, especially if you share a room (you'll have to go LOOK at these rooms...they're AWESOME!!)
There are conventions for the deaf/HOH all over the place, I'm sure...and I wish I had the time and money to go to ALL of them. The one I went to in OKC changed my life...honestly. If you've never considered going, think about it. If you're considering a CI, all the manufacturers will be there, and you'll have a chance to meet with some of their representatives, see the CIs for yourself, and ask questions...an awesome opportunity! :)

Several of y'all showed up at the HLAA CI Chat last night....hooray! (link in the sidebar!) I was late getting there because I stopped by the Advanced Bionics Harmony Upgrade Chat first. It is the second Monday of every month (I think, hmmm) at 8 PM CST, and it lasts for an hour, or until the discussion stops, whichever comes first :). If you have an AB implant or are interested in getting one, watch the notices over at hearingjourney.com for information! :) I love CI chats...they are a great opportunity to meet other CI users...ask questions...get and share support! I have met some great friends in those chat rooms...come visit sometime! :)

OK...back to your regularly scheduled posting (below)....

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