Sunday, November 11, 2007

Day 7: Getting there!

Today's been a better day...HOORAY! I stayed in from church this morning because my stomach was still giving me fits, and it was a good thing I did, too, because I was in and out of the bathroom all morning *sigh*. I stopped taking the Lortab cold turkey yesterday morning and I think that my body's just reacting to coming off of it. I took some prescription-strength Naproxen yesterday and that seemed to be enough to kill the earache. I took one before bed last night and haven't yet taken one today. My ear was really sore when I woke up this morning because I actually managed to roll over and sleep on the thing in the night...oy...but it has settled down and doesn't hurt much at all today...yaaay! Now, I just need to shake this nagging tiredness and the vertigo and I'll be good to go. I expect the tinnitus to hang around for a while...I'm hoping that at activation when I get my processor the sounds coming in will blow that tinnitus out of the water, but I expect that I'm stuck with it for now. It's constant...24/7...but thankfully it's not as loud as it was when I first had my surgery...the first few nights it would actually wake me up! I expected at first that it would just be a minor nuisance but didn't realize that it was louder than what comes in with my CI processor....I found that out yesterday. I will probably not wear my first CI much for the next few weeks...the "Dueling Ears", along with the vertigo, makes me tired!
I have decided that I'm going to have to name my ears. Since I now have two CIs, when I refer to them I'm going to have to be a little more specific...instead of saying "My CI" I'll have to let you know which one I'm talking about. I'm considering stealing friend Nancye's "Thing 1" and "Thing 2" for mine...short and to the point, and fun for this Dr. Suess lover...whatcha think?
Gonna get off here and get ready for church. This will be my first BIG event. I'm not expecting to get much out of church...the tinnitus will drown out any sound that might otherwise come in, and the vertigo will more than likely make lipreading difficult...but it's a start. I expect that in a few days the vertigo will go away (it's already so much better than it was the first time around!) and that will help immensely in communicating! I'm looking forward to seeing all my church friends again, though...and sharing the experience with them. They have been as supportive as they know how, considering how little most of them understand about CIs :)...I'm so grateful for them! :) y'all.... :)

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