Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Getting back in the swing of things again...

Well, hubby went back to work yesterday morning, so I'm once again in charge (more or less) of the house again. Yesterday was an easy first day back...the kids were out of school due to Veteran's Day and so we just lounged. This morning I actually had to GET UP...oy...thankfully, I didn't have much trouble. I tried to set the alarm last week a couple of times for different things but last week the alarms had no effect on my foggy brain...I simply never woke up. I'm not sure if it was the residual drugs or the vertigo or what...but the alarms had no effect. So this morning, knowing that I had to wake up to get the kids up, I did what any thinking person would do....set Katie's alarm. I told her that if I woke up in time I'd come shut hers off and she could get a little more sleep...but that I needed her to be my backup. I don't know if the alarm would have worked....I woke up on my own about fifteen minutes before it was supposed to go off, and just went ahead and got up...so we'll need to try it again in the morning. I love my alarm clock...I have a Big Ben Moonbeam Clock. I have the yellow, because I got mine at Cracker Barrel a couple of years ago, and that was the only color they had, but when it dies (or I kill it) I'm getting the periwinkle one...I have been wanting it ever since LL Bean started selling them! It doesn't wake me up from naps...we get too much sunshine in our bedroom and it's not bright enough...but it does the job well in the mornings. For naps, I just set the alarm on my BlackBerry and set it to "stun" (vibrate) and then put it in a pocket or something. It works great for me! :)
ANYHOW...yesterday I eased back into "normal" life by turning the oven on and heating up something. My friend Jeanette brought dinner and I actually heated it up and sat at the table to eat it (granted, we ate off Styrofoam, but progress is progress...right?) I have been SO blessed this past week to have friends and family taking care of our family's food needs! So much, in fact, that Ellie came into the bedroom yesterday and asked, "Who's bringing dinner tonight?" Sounds like she's given up on me cooking, doesn't it? Tonight I think I'll take my domestic goddess-ness one step further...my mom sent us home with a spiral sliced ham the other night, and it will require both heating up AND slicing....Martha Stewart, watch out!
The goodness of my friends, coupled with a week's worth of total inactivity, is fattening me up. I have done pretty well resisting most of the desserts that have come our way, but there's one pan of chocolate chunk brownies and a pumpkin pie that Mrs. Mary sent home with me after the HLAA meeting that I can't seem to stay out of. Perhaps I should just make it my mission to plow through them today and finish them off?
I'm feeling better...I have a mild earache, and still have the tinnitus and vertigo, but they're both somewhat better. My doc uses dissolving stitches, which are starting to pop out, and I'm having to use restraint to not mess with 'em...they make me absolutely nuts!
Today, there's nothing big on the agenda...overseeing schoolwork and dinner...tonight is House night :). Tomorrow we have a funeral....one of hubby's uncles :(. I'm dreading it big-time...going and sitting for several hours with people I don't know well...with Thing 1 and Thing 2 doing battle...*sigh*. The visitation starts several hours before...so we'll be there a while. I wish I had the option of driving up just before the actual funeral...but that would require driving skills that I don't possess at the moment (and it's a currrrrrvy road to get there...I sure hope my vertigo doesn't get the better of me...oy!). I just hate not to go. Hubby's dad was one of eight children (if I'm correct)...I think all of the 4 sisters are still alive, and only one brother is left now. Hubby's mom was one of 13 children...so he has relatives coming out of his ears!
Gonna get off here for now...hope everyone's having a great week! :) Much love...

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