Sunday, November 4, 2007

Less than 36 hours to go...

...and I'm pretty much ready. I finally got in the bed about an hour bottom hasn't touched a chair for more than a few minutes here and there all day today (except for dinner, which my mom cooked in honor of hubby's birthday today (Sunday) I am worn completely out. However, the good news is that I'm pretty much finished working...I have a little more laundry to do, and have to feed the family lunch, but it's mostly cooked, so tomorrow morning hopefully won't be too hectic.
After lunch we'll send the kids home with the in-laws and hubby and I are headed to Nashville. We'll go to church there and then we're meeting Shari and Kevin and perhaps a few others from Nashville for dinner at Joe's Crab Shack downtown. I am SO looking forward to that...just sitting and relaxing and allowing myself to get excited about it...I've been so busy and so tired that that hasn't been easy to do! I am seriously behind on my sleep but that will all change come Monday morning at around 7:30....once they strap on that mask it's off to dreamland for me, and I plan to take advantage of whatever pills they send me home with and sleep for a few days! I'll be updating here and there...hopefully. Don't panic if I get behind...I'll just be sleeping, I'm sure :)
Unless I have time to get in another post sometime tomorrow night, this is it! PRAY PRAY PRAY for me, please!! I had some panic yesterday (and a bit today) when my allergies flared up...I keep thinking I'm coming down with a cold or something, so have been arming myself to the teeth with Vitamin C and zinc and Airborne (I nearly gagged on that stuff) and water (I'm saving the cod-liver oil for the very last resort)...if there are any cold bugs in there, they'll have to work pretty hard to take hold! But I DO NOT want to be sick Monday...oy, if they cancel it now, you know it won't be pretty!
I'll catch y'all on the other side! :)
Love you all!! ((((HUGS))))

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