Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Day 3:

I slept a good bit better last night. I did wake up a lot, but managed to go back to sleep relatively quickly every time. I got up for the day at 7 AM and spent some time on the computer and then looked through some magazines. Around 9 I decided it was time for me to wash that rats' nest on top of my head so hubby helped me carefully wash around my ear at the kitchen sink. I felt SO much better after that...put on some clean PJs and crawled back in the bed. My MIL came by yesterday and said that she had thought about buying flowers but had decided instead on a new set of sheets for our bed. Those babies came out of the dryer this morning and went on the bed and I have been enjoying them all day...what an awesome gift!
Around lunchtime a lady from church brought some chili and brownies so we had a really yummy lunch. We have been so blessed this week...the women from church are bringing food all week long. I am VERY grateful for this...if I had to cook this week everyone would be eating cereal!
After lunch I closed my eyes for a little nap and when I opened them Will was standing at the bedroom door bearing flowers. As soon as I saw the arrangement, I knew who they were from...some friends from church, Joe and Joy, work at a local florist shop and sent me some gorgeous flowers with my first surgery. Sure enough, that's who they were from, and they are just gorgeous! While I was oooohing and aaaaahing over that, Will said, "Hang on, I'll be right back" and left. When he came back he was staggering under MORE flowers (and a balloon)! I didn't have a clue this time, so I read the card, and was delighted to find that they were from my beloved Savannah Bloggin' Babes!!! I am so blessed and feel so loved!! THANK YOU, girls!!!
I have had a LOT of pain today. It's been a surprise, as I didn't have much with my first surgery...with that one I was mainly dizzy and a little sore, but I actually only took pain meds the first day or so and then ibuprofen was all that was necessary. This time around, I am hurting...big-time. Knowing that they don't give out medals for stoicism, I have been taking the pills every four hours on the dot, but honestly, they just weren't working. So hubby called the doc this afternoon and he said that I could take TWO pills, instead of just the one, every four hours. So I took two at 3:30 and I think I was asleep within about four minutes. When I woke up I wasn't feeling much of anything (maybe like taking another nap) so I'm happy about I think I'll make it through the next few days! :)
Pictures are in the Picasa Web Albums....I'm just putting all new ones in the "Cochlear Implant" album for the next few days, so you might want to check for updates here and there :)
Enough of a post for tonight...too fuzzy to write much :) Your support and encouragement has been just phenomenal...THANK YOU!!!
Love y'all.....

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