Tuesday, November 20, 2007

It's time!

...well, it will be in just a few hours :). I need to be in the bed as I type this, but it's been a BUSY day! I forgot all about Rachel having a little play thing at school tomorrow, so I asked if I could come for a rehearsal today, and that got me up and moving this morning. The play itself will only last about ten minutes, and she only says three words in the whole thing, but she wanted me to see her, and the rehearsal counted, in her book :).
Ellie's birthday was today, and we had a birthday party tonight at McDonald's (birthday girl's choice, not mine!). The kids all went home with my MIL after dinner, as they don't want to get up at FIVE. FIFTEEN. AM (I know some of you do this every day, but it's NOT my cup of tea, so be nice to me, OK?) and MIL is taking the little ones to school and letting the big ones hang with her tomorrow. We came home and I sat in on the CI Chat, answered some e-mails, worked on the video camera, and checked out Ellie's birthday pictures (on the family blog and in the Picasa web albums!)...I'm only just now finishing up!
Hubby and I are going to Vanderbilt for the activation and then celebrating with shopping and lunch (of course, the shopping part is my idea of celebrating, not necessarily his). Since my mom couldn't be there, I wanted it as low-key as possible, so it will just be the two of us. I intend to video it though...and will share with the whole world if I can figure out how to do it!
I'm excited, but nervous, too. I expect to hear something, but I know that the days and weeks that follow will be stressful and noisy and confusing....and, having done it once, I dread doing it again...but the results will be worth it!!
Ethan is being activated today too...go visit and check on the little man!!
I'm headed to bed...if I fall asleep this minute I'll get five hours of sleep (yeah right). Keep me in your prayers....and I'll update as soon as I have something to share!
Love y'all..... :)

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