Sunday, November 25, 2007

A Music Day

I slept in this morning (really the first time I've really slept well in several days) and when I woke up, I put some music on the laptop and started jamming :) I love listening to music...while it isn't perfect by any means, I'm just in awe of how good it sounds! I talked to a CI friend midday who asked me why I wasn't using my Direct Connect. The Direct Connect cable hooks me straight to the laptop and I can listen to music or books on tape with no outside interference. I'm dumb enough that I didn't know that the DC would work with the program I have now (due to processor issues, I have one working program instead of three, but that will be fixed when I go back) and was delighted to find that it works! My book-on-CD is still hard to understand (Jim Dale has a delightful English accent that doesn't translate well just yet) but music sounds REALLY good with it. I have listened to a smorgasbord of music today: the Beatles, Little Big Town, Christmas in New York, Josh Turner, all my YouTube music videos, a loooooooong list of church songs, and now I'm listening to Vince Gill. I got a real shock when I put in a CD of a male quartet. I picked it up this summer during our singing school at church. I couldn't hear it, but, ever the optimist, decided that I'd get it anyway and listen to it someday when I could hear it again. I put it in tonight and was just listening along (I knew the first couple of songs on the CD) and then came a song I didn't know, and I COULD UNDERSTAND SOME OF THE WORDS!!!!!!!! I wasn't even really listening because I didn't know it, and the words just kinda started coming through! Wow! So I started listening and picked up a few more words here and!
I was listening along to some old favorites, and got shocked and surprised a few times to find that songs that I thought I knew were actually different than I learned them! I'm not talking about "sound-wise"...I don't trust my ears to pick up accurate musical tones yet...but occasionally I would find that my timing had been off on the chorus of this song, or that a phrase I'd been singing for years was actually not correct! Wow!
Basically, I'm picking up in comprehension...which is amazing. Some sounds still don't sound realistic...tinny or robotic...but that will go away with time and more mappings. I have clarity and crispness to sounds that I haven't had in years. WOW! (for all you Savannah babes...say it with me!!) WOW!
We went to Jaydyn's first birthday party tonight...he will be one tomorrow! Hard to believe!!! He was just adorable, especially in his party hat...WAY cute! He was so funny when they put the cake in front of him...he refused to taste it (I put a pinch of frosting in his mouth and he SPIT IT OUT!!) and wouldn't play in it until his mom got him a spoon (he doesn't like getting his fingers icky) and then he just dug holes in it and flung it around. Totally demolished it with the help of his spoon, but never took a single bite of it!! Funny little prince!!


I didn't hear well at the was in a big room with block walls and tile floor...there were a lot of people there and a lot of echoes. But I didn't feel too bad about it...hey...just the first week :)
I didn't pick up any real "new" environmental sounds today...since I have been listening to music at top volume all day. Tomorrow's church, though...a new chance to try out the new ear! :)
Oh...and pray for me...I have a job interview Tuesday! Exciting!!
Love y'all...... :)
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