Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Went to Vanderbilt today.......

for my third mapping session. Since I still don't know much about what they do at those things and I am not yet at the point where I can hear well enough to get really involved, all I know is that they reset all my programs again (fine by me). I have one that I like balances really well with my hearing aid, so conversations are finally comfortable. I can't say as how I'm hearing a lot better with it, but it's much more tolerable than my old programs are. Tolerable is good.
I took Katie and Ellie with me and we were going to have lunch out but we got caught in a downpour and I decided against sloshing through the rain to go in anywhere....we just drove around the Chick-Fil-A and got chicken nuggets. By the time we got through eating it had slowed down just a bit so we ran into Old Navy for a few minutes.
We had to hustle and get home so I could pick up Rachel from school. I stopped at the house to trade the Versa for the van, and when I walked in the back door, I was greeted by a semi-comatose Claire laying on the couch, blanket carefully arranged under her head, wet washcloth on her forehead, with her big brother overseeing her from a careful distance (her dad, who works nights and sleeps days, had been awakened by the school calling and went to pick her up). That was not what I wanted to see when I got home. I assessed the damage: no vomiting, but severe stomach ache, a mild fever, and lots and lots and lots of moaning and crying (that's Claire, though, so I wasn't too alarmed). I left her in care of her big brother and sister and her sleeping dad while I did my pickups, then came home and let her sit on my lap and weep into my ear for a while (thankfully, the battery went dead on the CI somewhere in there).
When hubby woke up, he sized up the situation carefully and made the executive decision that since I had to stay home from church with the sick girl, I should go to dinner beforehand with the family while he stayed with her. I have a good, smart man, eh? :) I look forward to Wednesdays so much during the week...a chance to see my family and my church family. It's always encouraging and I always come home feeling like I've been given extra strength and happiness to make it through the rest of the week. After this week's wild start, I was really looking forward to church tonight, but dinner was the next best thing...the food is always great, and it's relaxing and comfortable sitting with the in-laws and just catching up. I came home in a much sunnier mood and Claire was thankfully feeling much improved when I got home.
Finished my English writing assignment....done with the Math to see if I can improve that Psych test hubby brought me chocolate last week, so I think I'm going to get me some coffee and have me a Lindt Dark Chocolate Truffle....I know, I know....aren't you jealous of me?
Happy Thursday to y'all..... :)