Thursday, November 22, 2007

FINALLY.... little brain has figured out the whole video transfer/YouTube upload business (it ONLY took FOUR DAYS). In my defense, my brain has been extra busy for some of those days hearing new sounds ;).
Here, without further ado: the videos. YouTube has a ten minute video limit, so I had to break the video into segments. The first one is of Susan turning on the individual electrodes (the cord at my shoulder is connected to her computer). I wasn't fully expecting to hear those little beeps, so I was kind of surprised...this was my first time hearing sound with my new ear :)

This is the actual activation video, where they turn the whole thing on and I hear voices for the first time. It's over nine minutes long. The first three minutes are probably the most interesting...after that there is a lot of adjusting (make it louder, tune that sound out, etc). I think it's fascinating...some people may find it kinda won't hurt my feelings if you don't watch it all.

There are two more movies after with just more programming in it and the last one has me putting on the processor for the first time (it was more awkward than I thought it would be, and the magnet didn't stick as well as I hoped, so we had to change it out). Those can be found here if you have any interest left after the first two ;)

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