Monday, January 5, 2009


I went for a mapping today and as soon as I walked in Susan took me to the sound room. I was a little apprehensive about that because usually when I go for a new map, I do better in testing AFTER the map than before, ya know? I go in to have sounds filled in that have dropped off or I don't feel really confident in the sound room before that...but that's how Susan does it so in I went. First she tested my right ear...and I was SO disappointed! This is my GOOD ear, ya know...and it was just not up to par. I missed several of the sentences in quiet..I haven't EVER done that badly before! I was sitting there thinking, "this ear needs a SERIOUS tune-up!"! To add insult to injury we did the sentences in noise and it was worse than ever. Then we did single words, and ugh! I don't know what the score was, but it wasn't good.
Then she tested the newest ear, and the results were equally dismal...I heard PART of one sentence in quiet, and a couple of words in the single word test. She said I had about seven percent speech comprehension in that ear. Not too shabby, but not too hot either.
Here's where it got really freaky. She tested me with both ears together, and I scored a 96% on sentences in quiet. It's not the first time I've ever done that, but it's the first time I've ever done it with both ears together. I think I would have actually scored higher but I had the volume off a bit on one of them. The sentences in noise weren't quite that high but they were at about 80%, and the single word test I scored 78%...up from 68% the last time I took that test!! And this was BEFORE my map!!!
So, in a nutshell...the last time I was tested I had one ear that did all the work and one that did none of it. This time I have two ears that, while they don't contribute equally, and both of them are lacking in one way or another, work together AS A TEAM. I don't keep my left ear loud enough that it seems to be doing much anything, but surprisingly, it is...just kinda quietly plugging away over there...and the two ears are now doing what the one was doing all by itself before.
I did have to get them both tweaked just a little...the right ear was missing some higher frequencies and I am happy to have those back because my music sounds better. I have two new CDs...David Cook and Celtic Woman...and I had them going all the way home...they sounded so good!
I do have more to report, but thought I would get that out there first :). I was just so surprised...I had no idea I was making that kind of progress!!