Sunday, November 11, 2007

One week out: (click to bigify any of these)

Just before the surgery: hatted up and ready to go! This picture was taken about three minutes before the anesthesiologist got ahold of me ;)!

With Shari just before I got in the car. I was seriously doped up here, but I felt pain at all, and only moderate wooziness :)

The confident smile of someone who is loaded with drugs and is not thinking about what's about to hit 'em when they get home!

I expect bravery points for this picture. I don't think everyone would share such scariness with the world! This was moments after I took the turban off and just before the face started swelling. Everything looks fairly normal here except for the hair (and the face needs makeup!) can just see a tiny bit of bruising on the one cheek.

The incision at 24 hours post-surgery

48 hours post-surgery: the side of my face has started to swell big-time, and it has a definite greenish tint. I also have a nasty bruise above my lip from the chest tube the anesthesiologist used during surgery. This was taken just before I washed that nasty hair!

Day Four: sitting in the bed, drinking coffee. Laurie and I have matching coffee mugs: she gave this one to me while I was in Oklahoma City, and I have had my coffee from this mug almost every morning this week :)

The incision on Day 6 (Saturday). It has healed very nicely, no ickiness or anything (I'm sure that it helps that I have kept it covered with Neosporin and kept my fingers off of it!!)

With Shari at the HLAA meeting in Nashville yesterday. It was my first day to get was a little harder than I thought it would be, but I'm glad I went :)

Some of the Nashville HLAA group after our Thanksgiving feast! :)

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