Friday, November 9, 2007

Day 5:

...Yeah, I took a break from blogging in there. The past 48 hours have been rather....blah. I have just felt rather icky and not so much like being sociable. I have been taking pain relievers every four hours around the clock, and they've managed the pain fairly well, but have gummed up my entire digestive tract, leaving me with a nasty stomachache. At this moment the idea of food just about makes me sick. My ear, however, seems to be healing up very nicely...the incision looks nice and clean, there is very little bruising, and the swelling is nearly all gone. I still have the earache to contend with, so I still have to take some sort of pain relievers, but hopefully I won't have to take those too much longer. My recovery seems a bit slow, but I knew that was a possibility, so I'm just taking it as it comes and trying to keep a good attitude about it!
My mom and my sister-in-law sent books yesterday (Mom sent Home to Holly Springs and Kim sent The Kid Who Climbed Everest) , plus I was already working through John Grisham's Playing for Pizza) so I have had plenty to read in my down time. Folks from church have been feeding our family, and I'm so has been a huge help. And I woke up this morning to a box from Byrd Cookie Co. in Savannah...hubby ordered me some of their famous Benne Wafers and Key Lime Coolers...and got a pleasant surprise mid-afternoon when the florist delivered some flowers from the precious Royer family!! Then, of course, so many of you have left comments and sent e-mails...I am constantly reminded that I am in your thoughts and prayers. I am blessed so much with some of the sweetest family and friends!
I'm going to try to go to the HLAA meeting all depends on how I feel when I wake up in the morning. I hope that a good night's rest will recharge me a bit so I can enjoy the meeting! :)
Not too much more to post from here on the hasn't been exactly a thrill a minute...but I am on my way to week's posts should be better! Love y'all.... :)

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