Wednesday, March 28, 2007

We're still alive...

...One thing I didn't expect on this trip: I went completely deaf Sunday. My brother-in-law was preaching (our preacher was out of town preaching a meeting) and I heard a sharp pop, then ringing in the ears. Then it started slowly going away. By the time we left Sunday night on our trip, I couldn't hear at all. I literally couldn't tell if my hearing aid was on or off. It was that way all day yesterday. This morning when I put the hearing aid on I could at least hear some kids shrieking (we have no shortage of that here). I'm fine, though. Would I rather be at home, deaf as a post, or taking an awesome road trip? No question! My lipreading skills are great so I'm keeping up with most of what's going on. I am sure it will probably keep getting better over the next few days...that's been the pattern so far. If not, I'm still having too much fun to feel too bad about it right now!!!!