Saturday, August 18, 2007


...We used to play cards on the weekends a lot more than we do now and we always enjoyed it. I tried having the card parties here for a while but then I started going deaf again and a little depression kicked in. I kind of backed off for a while...but it was so much fun when we were doing it...might need to try to have 'em here again. It took me a little while to get comfortable tonight...I'm still not used to my new map yet, and there were quite a few adults there, all talking at once, and the sound really grated on my nerves for a while. I considered taking my processor off but I knew I would have a really hard time keeping up so I just turned it to my lower IDR setting, turned the sensitivity way down, and that helped a lot.
Whenever I get a new map, it takes a few days to adjust...the brain has to learn to adapt to the new signals it's getting. We've established already that my brain deals with change rather slowly and rebelliously...particularly on that signals at all for 30 years, remember? Right now sounds are a little shriller, a little scratchier, a little more annoying. In a few days they'll settle down and become more manageable, and then I can gauge my progress: am I hearing more sounds? Are things clearer? I've heard that it's best to feed the brain all the information it can handle those first few days, in an effort to help it adjust more quickly, but my brain gets tired of the racket pretty fast, so I don't knock myself out.

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