Thursday, August 30, 2007

I have a surgery date!!!!!!!!

Woooo-hoooo!! After all this waiting, I finally have a date!!!
We're at the beach this week, and our phones aren't working so hot (no signals where we are), so I didn't find out until about 4:00 yesterday afternoon when Dr. Haynes' office called and left a message on hubby's voice mail. We tried and tried to call 'em back but couldn't get through...then finally were able to leave a voice mail, but since it was so close to quittin' time they never called us back. I found out around 10 last night that our beach house had wireless (wOOt!) so I sent an e-mail saying that we had returned their call, but hadn't been able to get ahold of anyone...and to please e-mail instead of calling, as phone communications are the pits for EVERYONE this week!
Got an e-mail this morning, and it's official: my second CI surgery will be on Monday, November 5th!!!
I have a decent probability of it being even earlier, since I'm on standby and they're supposed to call me if/when they have cancellations, but if that doesn't happen, I'm happy with Nov. 5th!! I'm so happy just to know SOMETHING!!
I'm SO EXCITED!!! :) Can you tell??!?!

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