Sunday, August 5, 2007


After I did that high school meme, I got to thinking about music from way back when. I don't even know what made me think of it, but I went to YouTube and was overjoyed to find Shout on video (I almost embedded it, but didn't think that ALL of you would like it, so I decided to just link to it)!! I had forgotten all about Tears for Fears....I LOVED them in high school...I had their record? cassette? and listened to it ALL the time!! I have been having a ball hooking up to the laptop with my Direct Connect and playing it again...I also found quite a few other favorites, and finally knuckled under and started a YouTube account so I could keep 'em together :) . A lot of old favorites sound nothing like I remember them, so I haven't enjoyed listening to ALL of them...the men sound the most like I remember them. There's one instrumental part in "Shout" that I know is there but can't hear it at all...but I can hear the men singing fine, and it's close enough to what I remember that I am enjoying what I do hear and my brain is sort of trying to fill in the gaps where there's nothing there :). (OK, now it's stuck in my brain, but my CI is in bed for the night...I hope I can sleep ;) ). Help a girl out...I'm trying to think of some more songs to look up. I have several of Bryan Adams' songs, She Drives Me Crazy (Fine Young Cannibals), You're the Inspiration (Chicago), The One I Love (R.E.M) (I know...a rather eclectic collection, isn't it?)...what else was great back then in the 80s? (of course, some of y'all will be too young to help ;)).

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