Tuesday, August 28, 2007


...I didn't find the remote. But I was so tired last night that I conked out anyway...and I'm so tired tonight I'll probably do the same thing!!
Today, after multiple attempts to get in touch with my surgical coordinator, Ronnie, to no avail, I finally e-mailed hubby with her phone number and had him call. What transpired then nearly gave me a stroke. He called her, and got her voice mail. No shocker there...I expected that. I didn't even expect her to call back. However, she did (*that* was the shocker!) . And she told him that SHE wasn't handling the scheduling, but "L" was. She was kind enough to patch hubby through to L. L told hubby that she would need to see a copy of BlueCross' authorization before she could schedule it. HELLO...I got an e-mail TWO WEEKS AGO, saying this:

Called BCBS to verify insurance approval. Please call Ronnie C. @ XXX-XXXX to schedule surgery."

Is it just me, or, upon reading this, would you not think that insurance approval had already been verified? 'Cause that's what I thought...two weeks ago...and to have someone tell me today that *I* needed to provide a copy of the authorization was a BIT MUCH!!! And the topper? I have filed the authorization letter away somewhere safe and can't find it. I went to the BCBS website, pulled up the page with the authorization and the account number, took a screenshot, and e-mailed it to "L". She should have it first thing in the morning....so she can start the entire process AAAALLLLL OVER AGAIN. And since I haven't talked to her before now, the poor thing is considered fresh meat and is fixing to hear a lot from me if things don't pick up.
If I SHOULD have learned anything by now, it's that this whole business is a slow one. Apparently, after 18 months of waiting (from the beginning of my CI journey), I still haven't learned it. I usually try to be as nice as possible, but I am just about out of nice, and want to hunt somebody down and light a fire under them!!! Oy!
In other, GOOD, news, Abbie came through her surgery with flying colors, apparently!! She is even blogging. I don't mean a "Hello-I-survived-now-back-to-bed" sort of post....a REAL post...crazy girl!!!
Laurie posted tonight...you can find the whole story about Brad over at her blog.
And...fun news...I was invited to moderate the Monday night CI Chat over at the HLAA website! Dixie is one of the moderators there now, and she said that she wanted an Advanced Bionics moderator there to keep things fair. Tonight was the first time I'd been to one of the chats, and we had a really good time! I met a few new people and got to talk to some old friends for the first time in a while...it was great! :) I'll be looking forward to Monday nights...come visit if you're so inclined!! :)
Gonna get off here and head to bed...I'm zonked! 'Night! :)

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