Sunday, August 12, 2007

The weekend...

...was a full one! :)
Friday was spent working around the house and getting ready for the cookout at Sue's. We went over there around 6 and stayed until probably around 9ish. I was surprised that as hot as it was, I didn't get too uncomfortable...although nobody played volleyball this month...we were all sitting around eating hamburgers, drinking Cokes, and trying to stay cool :). The little girls got my camera and took probably 30 pictures of not much at all...I might pick out a few of them and share with y'all later on :)
I got up Saturday morning and drove to Nashville for the HLAA meeting. It was great to see familiar faces from last month and to meet some new friends!! Our speaker this month was a lady named Sheila Adams from Florida. She was a representative from Advanced Bionics and an implant user herself (she will get her second implant next month!!) (oh, and Sam Spritzer has a date for his second CI...Way to go, Sam!). I was trying to figure out where I had met her before and decided that I'd probably seen her in Oklahoma City. She was showing a presentation and one of the pictures in her presentation just clicked...I knew where I'd seen her before....her blog was one of the very first CI blogs I ever read, way back when I was still in the research stages :). Her presentation was on aural rehabilitation; in essence, ways to enhance what hearing you have. She suggested ways that we could practice our listening (books on tape, websites, etc). I am really bad about not taking advantage of a lot of the listening opportunities that are out there. I think that a lot of my problem is that I hear so much NOISE with my implant that when there's time to actually practice listening, I just want peace and quiet!! She talked a little about her family and some of the communication obstacles they face and how they deal with those obstacles so that she can enjoy conversations with them all. She was interesting and friendly and bright and I just really enjoyed listening to her :) . Another representative from Advanced Bionics was there...I think her name was Lori Zapf (I hope that's right). I got a chance to talk to both her and Sheila about my insurance appeal, and they offered encouragement to keep working at it, and offered some resources to hep me out if I had any trouble...great gals :) Lori shared with our group that Advanced Bionics is working on updating their "Listening Room" site to make it more teen- and adult-friendly (it's already a great site, though...go check it out!).
After the meeting quite a few of us went to Logan's for dinner and stayed there a couple of hours just being sociable. When we left there (didn't want to tie up the table all night) a few of us went back downtown and went to a little Mexican restaurant and continued the conversation where we left off over chips and salsa :). We just really had a great time. I am so grateful for that group!! I wish I'd found them long ago!!
I finally had to head back was late, and the Titans pre-season game was letting out, and I needed to get out of there before I got stuck in traffic. I stayed up late talking to hubby about the meeting, and then I had to check e-mails and read blogs, of course, but I was too brain-drained to write anything :).
After MUCH too little sleep, I had a hard time waking up this morning, but I made up for it by crashing and sleeping like a rock for nearly two hours between church services...I was zonked!
Tomorrow I go for my map (and a discussion with my audiologist about insurance, which I hope goes well...if it doesn't, watch this space for the upcoming rant) and another chiropractor appointment (which I need desperately, as my back is still not right from my fall :( ). I really should grocery shop, but that probably won't happen tomorrow...I have no idea what we'll dogs, maybe?
Keep my brother-in-law Doug and my nephew Bryan in your prayers...Bryan was discharged from the Marines today after five years of service, and Doug flew out to Phoenix, AZ tonight to drive back with him :). Pray for their safe journey, please! I'm so happy that Bryan's coming home...we've missed him for the five years he's been away from us :).
Gonna get off here and go to bed...have a good week, and hugs....

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