Thursday, August 23, 2007

Hey y'all...

Well, impatience got the better of me again this morning, and I thought that 48 hours was long enough to go without buggin' somebody, so I e-mailed Susan, since she said on Tuesday that she would check on things for me. She answered pretty quickly and had this to say:
"Ronnie has emailed me to confirm Dr., etc, so she is working on it either herself or in conjunction with training the new scheduler. Hopefully you'll hear soon. If you don't hear from Ronnie by Monday, let me know."
So I think that tomorrow I will e-mail the imaginary Ronnie again and see what's up with her. Then I'll take the weekend off (after all, can't do much about it on the weekends) and then I'll begin again on Monday! :D Thankfully, I've calmed down about it a great deal and only get really wound up first thing in the mornings, when I feel a compulsive need to e-mail somebody ;).
I don't know what's come over me with this impatience business. I honestly didn't even expect insurance to have approved it by this point, yet now that they have, I want my new ear, like, yesterday. I think that while I was waiting for insurance,I knew it could take months, so I didn't rush. However, since it's been approved, I know that it could feasibly happen in weeks, or even days (with my last implant there were just two weeks between approval and surgery!). I believe I've just about put my life on hold here, at the mercy of Ronnie! Gonna have to get a grip! ;)
Tomorrow I am meeting my dear friend Laurie and another friend, Dixie (some of you may know her as PlayForDixie...she posts over at the HLAA forums). Laurie and I inked this date on the calendars way back in OKC. Dixie was a surprise, however. I had e-mailed her to tell her about my insurance approval and asked her if she was planning to come to the big HLAA picnic in Nashville in September. She replied that she wouldn't be able to make it, but that she was coming to Nashville this weekend for the quilt show. Coincidentally, Laurie and I had already planned to go!! So, of course, my dear Bionic Babes and I couldn't pass up an opportunity to get together!! :) You know I'm gonna have a great time!!
Enough, enough...bedtime. Will keep y'all updated...

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