Monday, August 20, 2007

Fit to be tied...

I finally decided today that what little patience I had had run completely out. I want a surgery date and I want it yesterday. So I got online and went to Sorenson's IP Relay page and called Vanderbilt. And I got an answering machine. I told the relay operator to call back and leave a message telling them to call me, here's my number (they can talk to Katie). Two hours later...nothing. I am trying to resist the urge to call again but it's about to get the better of me. If I don't post again, you'll know that I have finally gone mad waiting for them to get back to me ;). If everyone would just take a minute to pray, I'd appreciate it. Pray that the dear girl over at Vanderbilt will show me mercy, or pray for (more) patience for me, or pray for me to get a life, or WHATEVER, but I need it. I am having a hard time planning things for the next few months because I have no idea when I'm going to need to take approximately two weeks off for surgery and recovery (and that's a conservative estimate, as I was under the weather for closer to a month after my first one). I hate everything being up in the air like this! Ugh!!
My buddy Shari posted some pictures from our Nashville HLAA meeting on the group's web page! Go look...they're cute :) You'll see some of Sheila and then some of the rest of our group...we're a fun bunch :)!
I'm headed out to go get the girls at school, then I need to work on laundry. Claire is leaving tomorrow for the beach for about ten days, and she need clothes. I have parent meetings and a Scholastic Book Fair tonight at the girls' school, then if it's not too hot, a walk. I thin we'll have leftover spaghetti for tonight's was great for lunch yesterday, and it will mean no cooking for me tonight...excellent!
Will be back to yak with y'all to all....

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