Thursday, August 16, 2007

Still nothin'! :)

...but I'm going to find out something today...if not in e-mail, I will have someone call...I am GOING to get ahold of a surgery coordinator somehow today! I'm way too impatient to wait much longer! I can wait however long I have to for the surgery, but c'mon...a date ought to be easier than this to come by! :) I'll get one of the kids to call, if absolutely necessary...I wanna know!!!
Kinda I got an e-mail from my audiologist asking me if she could connect me with one of her patients that is interested in finding out more about the Advanced Bionics CI. I told her ABSOLUTELY! I have always hoped that I'd get a chance to help somebody else out with their decision...I had so much help and support when I was researching mine. And I wouldn't be nearly as excited about getting a second one if it hadn't been for those of you out there that have been there, done that, and encouraged and inspired me. I know I'm most definitely not "going it alone"...I have so many supporters!! I have a lot of hearing friends that are way excited for me, but the ones that have lived it are the ones that can help me the most...and I wanna be that for someone else...I hope I get that chance!!
I didn't do nearly enough yesterday...was really hoping to hear from Vanderbilt, so I stayed close to the computer for a good part of the day. Around 2 the usual Wednesday craziness started happening...showers, getting girls from school, homework, Bible lessons, plus a chiropractor appointment (I had to wait an hour today...was not impressed). After Mexican (delicious) and church (I had a lot of fun telling people about my insurance approval tonight...the church folks are really supportive and excited for me) hubby brought me a big bowl of Blue Bell Chocolate Covered Strawberry ice cream and I have been vegging ever since, reading blogs and answering e-mails :)...a thrill a know you wish you had my exciting life ;)
Gonna get off here and get to bed...maybe I'll have something interesting to share tomorrow! :)
Love y'all.....

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