Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Not a lot new to report....

....I've been taking care of a little sickie so I haven't been doing a lot of listening practice. I did have a CI moment last night in church when one of my close friends was making the announcements before the services and I just kind of turned my head and listened to him...I have been doing that to everyone, to just see how their voices come through. After church he motioned me over and said, "You almost made me tear up during the announcements, when I realized you were LISTENING to me instead of WATCHING me!!!" Awwwwww!! I have some great friends, and they've been really supportive and really excited with my progress!!
We went out to dinner after church and I was surprised at how much the CI helped me during dinner. The restaurant we went to was loud and dark and I've never particularly enjoyed going there for that reason. However, the CI really helped pull out individual voices from around the table...I could actually hear the voices over the background noise, even from down the table. Now, if I hadn't been lipreading, it's doubtful that I would have understood what was being said, but before I got my implant, I wouldn't have heard the voices....so that's a big deal!!
This map is still a little loud...but I'm getting used to the new frequencies and they are sounding more natural. It actually occurred to me today that the sound was similar to when I was wearing my hearing aid and still able to hear with it. There are a few frequencies that are still not just right, but they're getting clearer. I get the feeling that the mapping process is going to be harder than I thought...that getting the sound just right may be harder than it seems. I never had to do this with Thing 1...there just wasn't that sound available to work with. I don't have a lot to listen to during the mapping progress (usually, it's just Susan and me, and last time we had Abram with us)...I think I need to take an iPod or a CD or something to play to help decide how I want things to sound. My next mapping session is going to be on Thursday...and then I won't have another one until Dec. 31st....so I really want it to be right. I think I gave up some high frequency sounds last time that have kind of taken the edge off my clarity, and I want to be sure to get those back this week!
To any of you who might have tried to get in the HLAA chat tonight...it wasn't just you...the chat wouldn't work for anyone. A couple of moderators were able to get in, but that was it. The problem is being addressed and will hopefully be fixed by next week! :) Sorry if you came by and there was nobody home...I missed you all :)
I passed my drug test and go for orientation at my new job tomorrow...then I'm going to a meeting in Nashville...so I'll have a long day ahead....I'm off to bed!
Love y'all.... :)

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