Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Coming up for air!!

After a few days of going non-stop, I finally have about 15 minutes to write something before I head back to bed! It's been nuts here!! If you have e-mailed me in the past few days (and I've gotten quite a few e-mails), I apologize for my slowness in answering...I will be in touch in a day or so, hopefully...I do want to connect with all of you.
Sunday we had the two worship services and then we had lunch here. Hubby did a lot of the cooking and he and the kids did most of the cleaning and that helped a lot. The kids had friends over and Rachel wanted baby Jaydyn to stay the afternoon as well. I didn't realize until we were on the way back to church Sunday night (the van looked awfully full) that we had had 10 kids in the house all day! I worked on our Christmas newsletter and our cards all afternoon, and finally conked out for about a half hour nap just before church, and the kids didn't bother me a bit.
Yesterday (Monday) I worked until 4, then came home and threw corn, potatoes, keilbasa and shrimp in a pot with some Old Bay for dinner....yum! Then I sat in on the CI Chat and worked on Christmas cards AGAIN! As of last night I had about 80 done.
Today I worked until 4 then came home and made Reuben sandwiches for dinner (I boiled the corned beef last night so I wouldn't have to do it today), then it was back to the cards...House was a rerun so I didn't even bother with it! I am, for all practical purposes, done with cards. I have a few to take to work and a few to drop in the mailbox in the morning...then I'll be FINISHED! Yay!!
Tomorrow I work til 4, then we have Mexican for dinner, and then church. After church I'll have to work on my Christmas shopping list because Thursday is THE shopping day! I am hoping desperately that I can get FINISHED with my shopping that day and not have to go out again (but not counting on it!)
Work has been crazy with people piling on orders for Christmas cards and enlargements to frame and buying cameras for Christmas presents (awesome present, by the way!). It doesn't help that I've picked up some germs somewhere (I know you're all shocked) and have a nasty cold...ugh. Today was the worst day of it so far...I just loaded up on DayQuil and coffee and plowed on through (tomorrow I will add ibuprofen to the mix...ooh!). I expected that I'd pick up more bugs that usual, at least at first, because I've been fairly sheltered from 'em for a while, and now I'm being bombarded with them, so I'm not surprised.
The photo lab loaned me out to the electronics department yesterday to check out their customers while they restocked their shelves. I was a little worried about working over there because my main job was to talk to customers about things I knew nothing about, but it went really well...I understood nearly everything that was said to me, and was able to either help or get help for everyone that needed it. I love my new ear, and I love my job! :)
Now, I'm going to bed...I'm frazzled and tired...but had to say hello to you all! Hope everyone's having a wonderful last-shopping-week-before-Christmas!!
Love y'all...

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