Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas to you...

I hope everyone's staying safe and warm and enjoying family and friends this holiday season. Know that you are in my thoughts and prayers and I love you all and am grateful for your friendships. You have added so much to my life...what a great gift!! Thank you!!
I'm finally finished shopping (bought the final gift this afternoon when I got off work at 3 PM) and now we just have to wait for our girls to fall asleep so we can eat the milk and peanut brittle thoughtfully set out for Santa (who doesn't need it this year, thanks very much, but will humor the kids and eat it anyway). We have opened presents with my family (Sunday night after church) and hubby's family (this afternoon after I got off work). Tomorrow we're going back over to my dad and mom's to eat and just hang out...we're having hamburgers and potato salad and baked beans and watching movies and playing video games and just relaxing. One of my brothers won't be with us tomorrow, which is why we all got together last night.
After digging through tons of garbage this summer to uncover the girls' room, we issued a strict edict about what was and wasn't allowed for Christmas this year. It has been followed to the letter (we have some WONDERFUL family!) and the girls have gotten just a few toys and a TON of clothes. They all asked for clothes this year (I think that all that Hannah Montana is rubbing off on them) and that's what they got...tons and tons of clothes, shoes, tights, hair accessories, pajamas, and pocketbooks. They gleefully dug through the boxes and pulled out all the clothes and then started a fashion show. I didn't hear the word "toys" mentioned once! Santa will be bringing a few toys and a few more clothes, so there's a little more spoiling yet to come. We are, as usual, very blessed this year...certainly more richly than we deserve!
I'm off work until Thursday afternoon...and don't work ANY mornings this week, so I will be catching up on rest...good thing, too, as I'm getting seriously sleep-deprived. I plan to spend Wednesday in my PJs doing nothing at all until church time!
Pictures from the Gaylord Ice! show can be found here and a few of our Christmas pictures can be found here (I didn't show many of them...most of them are of present-opening ad nauseum and of the little girls modeling clothes....many, many clothes). I'll probably add a few more in the next few days...but that's it for now :).
Going to see if the kids are asleep...and if they are, this jolly elf has work to do! I love y'all...once again, Merry Christmas!

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