Saturday, December 1, 2007

Taking a quiet break:

I have found that I can't post and listen to music...or the same time. As a matter of fact, I'm finding that concentration in general is something that's really, really hard for me lately. It's been quiet for so long that every little sound is distracting...and even when I turn the sound off, I've listened to so many new songs playing lately that are stuck in my head, and there is usually one going at any given time (I have my own personal iTunes up there, apparently)! If there is any kind of disturbance in my environment, such as the kids running in and out, it throws me completely off, understandably, I'm usually totally confused (would someone please pass me the Adderall?). As the newness wears off, as I get used to it all, and as comprehension gets better, I think (hope) that will get better and I'll be able to concentrate better. Blogging has been particularly hard because there are a lot of things I want to share, but writing requires compartmentalizing thoughts and putting them down in logical order, and with a parade marching through my head, it ain't happening! So right now it's all quiet (save for a ghost song playing in my head) and it's MOSTLY still here (Rachel is on the bed, but I have forbidden her to move, or talk, or breathe, even) we'll see if I can post :)
Yesterday's mapping was anticlimactic. I was delighted to have my volume levels had gotten really quiet...and was elated at the sound quality that we achieved in the office. Susan said that if I begged she might put me back in the sound room next week for another comprehension test (and I plan to beg). My speech comprehension has been so good that I want another crack at those sentences (I scored a 15% on them on activation day).
I actually think we turned some of my higher frequencies down a little too much...I am missing a little clarity in the "sh" and "ch" sounds that I had before (and liked). Some people don't like those sounds being so pronounced...but I do :). But it's OK....I go back Thursday, and it's fixable. I decided in the office that I like the HiRes P (basic) programming strategy the best, so Susan put that in two of my program slots (the second one louder, in case I maxed out the first one). She put the HiFidelity 120 programming on the remaining program slot (this is supposed to be the Hi-Def TV of sound as compared to your regular old analog color television, if you will). I tried them both in the car listening to Ella Fitzgerald (singing Christmas carols) and was surprised to find that I liked the 120 programming better...the music just sounded much more...musical. Oh, well...that can be changed next week too :)!
When I left the office, things were still sounding great, but about half an hour later, they started kind of falling apart. I think that the brain had gotten kind of set in its ways from the first programming and was kicking up a fuss about the new sounds. It didn't help that I went to several different...LOUD...places during the day. The mall was packed with shoppers and Sam's Club was WAY loud...forklifts beeping and TVs blaring and "Attention Shoppers" announcements every few minutes or so. I didn't get ANY of my shopping done (I picked up a CD for Will, but that was it)...I was just too distracted to think who I needed to shop for and what I wanted to get (serves me right for going out without a list). I spent some time in Barnes and Noble listening to the CDs, but there were so many that I wanted that I couldn't decide on one there (it was a toss-up between Andrea Bocelli, Paul Potts, Josh Groban, and Mannheim Steamroller. When I went to Sam's the only one they had at that particular store was the Bocelli one, so I got that one (it was five dollars cheaper there than it was at B&N!). I listened to it all the way was so pretty (even thought it did sound slightly distorted, and the car noise didn't help).
On the way home, my phone buzzed (it's on vibrate) and I saw that somebody from my house was calling me. I decided to chance answering it and it was Katie. I understood her well but we got cut off, as I was driving through a wooded area. I waited until I was in a clearing and pulled over and she called me back. I understood every word she said that time...neat!!!
We played cards at my mother-in-law's house last night and that was difficult...16 adults all talking at once, sometimes loudly. I had a hard time focusing on cards and was antsy all night...ready to get home and settle in bed and rest. When we finally got home around midnight I didn't even feel like blogging...I was READY FOR BED!!!
This morning I slept in (ah, nice!) and have spent the morning hooked up to the laptop listening to music. I'm about to get cleaned up and take the girls out for dinner somewhere (hubby and Will went to my brother's house to watch football). I am not making big plans...just something simple and's been a busy week!
Hope everyone's having a good weekend and staying warm (it's COLD in some areas of the's 60 degrees here!) y'all!! :)

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