Saturday, December 15, 2007

Chipmunks! hindsight, Alvin and the Chipmunks might not have been the best movie for my CI movie debut. However, when my sister-in-law called last night to invite us to go see the movie and go to dinner, I couldn't say no...we haven't taken the kids to the movies in a long time and it sounded like a really fun family night out. I was able to understand most of the human characters' voices really well but the chipmunks were out of the question! I tried every program I had and they all sounded pretty bad...and I seem to max out my volume in loud rooms...I had the sensitivity all the way on 4 about 15 minutes into the movie. I understood a chipmunk word here and there...that's it. There were enough sight gags in there and I understood enough that I really liked it, and will buy it when it comes out on video. It also had a good bit of music and the music sounded pretty good!
I can tell I'm needing a new map, though...things are starting to sound scratchy and kinda garbled again. My next one is scheduled for Dec. 31st...and I'll just have to wait until then, since I seriously won't have time to do it before that! I worked 40 hours this week, and will work 40 again this coming week (and will talk to them again about the whole "part-time" part of this job that I signed up for after Christmas!). Thankfully I'll have Thursday off...I am seriously behind in shopping!!!
One of the benefits of my CI that I'm incredibly grateful for is the help that it gives me in noisy situations. Hearing aids basically just made everything louder...the CI literally seems to draw voices in, even in noise. The photo lab is VERY loud...yet I can still understand voices fairly well...and in loud restaurants, it's much easier to pick out who's talking and hear their voices even over background noise. I am much more dependent on lipreading in noise, but that will get better...I'm confident :).
Like activation videos? Jeff over at Metal Postcard videotaped his activation and shared it on his blog...and it's wonderful to see (and hear...I couldn't hear every single word of it but I got most of it!). I just love watching the sound come on for people...every reaction is different. Some people are confused, some people cry, some people laugh hysterically (rolls eyes) and some people just beam with happiness. The babies will often look startled or even cry...or, in Landon's case, grin to absolutely melt hearts. I'm really happy for Jeff...he had another one of those great activations and is doing really well! Go visit and congratulate him!
I finally got started on Christmas cards tonight...and will be working on them frantically for the next couple of days...I have GOT to get them done by Tuesday or so or nobody's going to get one before Christmas (you want one? Drop me an e-mail with your address and I'll see what I can do!)! I'm also about one-tenth done with shopping ('s horrible!) and am going to have to get it ALL done this next week! If I survive it I will be SO glad when Christmas gets here and all the madness STOPS! *whew*!
How're Y'ALL doing?
I'm going to bed. I had to get up at 5:45 this morning for work (and, on a Saturday, in my opinion, that borders on immoral) and I'm worn out. I'm off tomorrow but it's our Sunday to cook after church (my hubby has VERY kindly overseen the cleaning and cooking today, and even cooked me steak for dinner tonight...he's a good one!) so I'll be doing that and then working on cards all afternoon. Hope everyone's having a great weekend :)!!

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