Saturday, December 1, 2007


I don't know if all the readers of this blog know about my other blog (link over there in the sidebar-------> ). It's a family blog, and I talk a little more over there about my kids, etc. Posts here will be more along the lines of CI related/hearing loss related things, and posts there will be more along the lines of family things. I've been posting nearly identical posts on both blogs lately, though, since my life has revolved around all things CI lately. I didn't know if the "hearing folks" would be interested in my story or not, but they have been an incredible source of inspiration and! I have kept them updated. Every now and then, though, I have something to post that seems more relevant to this demographic (people interested in CIs/hearing loss). Here's a few items that I think seem to fit into that category today:
When I was in the audie's office yesterday getting a new map, she had an intern named Abram working with her. He and I got to talking and I told him that I had a blog and he could find it by going to the Advanced Bionics webpage and searching the blogs. I got an e-mail from him a short time later saying that he'd checked out the blog and asking if I would help him out with a new undertaking of his. Abram has a website where he is soliciting reviews of hearing aids and cochlear implants. After the reviews the results are posted on his webpage so that users can come and see what other people are saying about hearing aids/CIs. He is wanting those of us that wear hearing aids or CIs to come visit and review our products for the world to see. Please, if you would, help Abram out...I think that reviews would be terribly helpful to a lot of people. You will have to register (don't worry, it's way easy)...then choose your brand from a list (click on "Products" to see the list). If you don't see it, click on "search" and type in the name of your product ("Harmony" brought up the Advanced Bionics implant that I have). It will take you through an easy set of multiple-choice questions....nothing very complicated. Go check it out at Hearing Report...please? It's simple to navigate, I think it will provide a valuable service, and the little penguin on the home page suckered me right in :)!
Next order of business...Paul Potts has got some amazing fans!!!! After I posted about loving his singing earlier, I got an e-mail invite from the owner of the Paul Potts MySpace Family. Larry told me that there are more videos and more information on that site for my listening pleasure....and believe me, I've been enjoying it.
Last night when I went to bed, I checked this blog for comments (always) then briefly looked at the hit counter. This is a fairly new blog, and I haven't had a lot of visitors, but I've been steadily inching my way towards 1000 visitors for a few days (by comparison, my family blog gets around 100 hits a day, so the stats climb faster there). Last night, I thought, "Hm...getting close! Wonder who the 1000th visitor will be?"
This morning, I got up, checked the hit counter, and I had 1,025 visitors. I went to Sitemeter and I had had EIGHTY-TWO visitors....and I hadn't even had my coffee yet. As of 4 PM, I have had 140 visitors today. The vast majority of them have come from the Paul Potts MySpace Family...from this post, to be exact :)
I am amazed and humbled every single day by the support and encouragement I've gotten in the past few weeks. This is not the first time I have been blessed by such blog posts. Abbie, Laurie, Daisy, Sandy, Cheryl, David, and Paul have all shared my story on their blogs (I hope I haven't left anyone out). And now the Paul Potts MySpace community is turning out in support....I've gotten a few comments, but also several e-mails and comments on the post itself. To all of have no idea how much your enthusiasm means to me. It's exciting enough that I get to live this adventure...but the fact that friends, family, and even total strangers not only care, but are excited about it with me...make this an incredibly special, joyful time...THANK YOU all!!!!!!
I will be writing a bit about the "surround sound" experience soon. Thing 1 and Thing 2 are not playing nice at the it looks like we have a little work ahead of us...but for now, I have the determination to do the work and see if we can get better results. I do not want all the work we did with Thing 1 to be for nothing!!!
Love y'all.... (regularly scheduled posting is below....)

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