Wednesday, December 5, 2007


...Gonna see how fast I can type this since I have GOT to get to bed. It's been a loooooong day....I got up at 6:30 this morning, got all the kids where they needed to be, and got to work at 8. Today was a training day so I spent all morning watching videos, filling out paperwork, etc. and all afternoon doing some training on a computer. I have to go back tomorrow for more computer training, then I'm off Thursday for a mapping session. Then I finish the computer training on Friday.....and start work Monday! :) I was at work until 4:15 today....then RAN home, said hello to the kids, and then was back out the door again to be at a meeting in Nashville at 5:30 (and I was STILL late)! I got home from there around 9, and spent about an hour filling hubby in on the day, and am now catching up on e-mails/blogs. I SHOULD be sleeping....I'll have to get up and start all over again in about six hours!
My mother-in-law called while I was at work, and, wouldn't you know it...another kid down. She had to go get Claire at school and take her to the pediatrician for me...and Claire has Fifth's disease and an ear infection and will be out of school ALL WEEK. Give me strength! Thank goodness she's in pretty good spirits and not whining too much (as she's prone to do). Now we wait to see if the rest of the kids get THAT (but I'll take red faces and fever over puke any old day of the week!!)
I had some AWESOME hearing moments today. I had a little bit of trouble with the videos we watched on the TV...they weren't captioned and there was a little background noise that kept me from hearing every word...but I did hear a lot of what was said. When we did our computer training, there were headphones we could wear and listen along. I kinda pooh-poohed the whole headphone thing at first since the training slideshows WERE captioned (and I did NOT want to be held up by a slow announcer when I could zap right through the captioning)...but on one particularly slow video I put the headset on and realized the speaker was saying a lot of things that weren't captioned. And, best of all...I understood nearly every single word. I listened to several videos on the computer and my comprehension was probably near 95%.
When lunchtime rolled around I decided to try to call my mother-in-law and check on Claire. I had to go outside because there was too much background noise in the store. When I got through to her I understood nearly every single word she said, too....which was really exciting for me, since I'm still really leery about the whole phone thing.
Inspired by my successes, I called hubby on HIS cell phone tonight and could understand him really well...despite the fact that I was on the road in my loud little Versa. Then I got kind of big-headed about it and decided that I'd just drive my sassy hearing self around Starbucks and order some coffee, and was promptly put back in my place by a screechy, scratchy drive-around speaker. I told the girl that I couldn't hear her and I'd just come in to get my coffee (the line was long). I still have some work to do :)
Getting off here now and going to bed....if I go to sleep RIGHT NOW I can still get six hours of sleep *groan*! Love y'all!! :)

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