Thursday, December 13, 2007

I'm amazed... how well my new job is going, and how much the CI is helping. I was really afraid that I'd have more trouble than I have so far. I'm working as a photo lab technician at a major retail store and have spent a LOT of time interacting with total strangers. Before, it would often have been a cause for total panic...I loved talking to people, but it was so stressful...because I had to concentrate so hard to understand what was being said and was always afraid of missing something. Now I get most of it with no problem, and if I have to ask someone to repeat something, it's not a big deal, because I know I'll get it the next time around. If one of the girls calls me from behind I usually hear their voices and occasionally even hear what they're saying. It's loud in there...the machinery hums a lot and there are constant loudspeaker announcements and people talking and the phone ringing (that phone rings all day long...OY) I think I'm doing pretty well all things considering. I feel kinda bad because the phone rings constantly and I won't answer it. I can hear pretty well on my phone but when there's background noise I miss more. I might allow Susan to set one of my programs on the telecoil setting when I go back, so I can try it out...I would love to be able to answer that phone at work and do what everyone else does :). I tried calling one of the teenagers at church tonight (Will was with him and I needed to find out where they were). I used to avoid talking to this particular fella if I could help it because I couldn't hear him talking (mumbler)...but I have been hearing him better, and could hear him fine on the phone! Whoo-hoo!!
Tonight during the prayer at church, I didn't know who was praying (wasn't paying attention) until they started speaking. I listened to the voice and started shuffling through my mental index file trying to place the voice...and finally recognized it as one of the teens. I am amazed at the ability to not only hear sound and comprehend words, but to recognize the subtle inflections that make everyone's voices unique....WOW! :) I am understanding most of what the little girls are saying now without having to listen too hard. I love to practice, especially at church, listening to people without looking at them (I do it to my teachers and my preacher...I hope it doesn't annoy them too much, but I AM listening...)...I'm still in awe of how easy it is to hear. I haven't ever been able to just sit back and let the words roll in. I still have to focus a little, but most of it comes almost effortlessly. I hoped it would be better than my hearing aid, but I can honestly say that I never every thought it would be this incredible quality of sound...this soon.
I love the co-workers are just precious and we have a good time working together. Today, I developed my first rolls of film single-handedly....all the way from taking the rolls from the customer, developing the negatives, scanning them in, printing them, packaging them up, and checking them out. I think (okay, I know) I accidentally rang up some pictures at the wrong price before being corrected *sigh* and am hoping that management takes pity on a poor new girl ;).
I do a lot of customer people their pictures and checking them out, helping them print pictures and create greeting cards, and answering questions...and I love it. I'm getting paid to talk to people all day know that's right up my alley! I think I'll enjoy it more when I don't have to get up at (sigh) 5:45 AM to go in (sigh)...just another week! Last night I was so tired that I was asleep by 10:30. The last time I remember going to bed that early, I think I had the flu. I was absolutely exhaustified!
Having said that, I need to get in the bed'll be time to get up soon!
Love y'all.... :)

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