Thursday, January 24, 2008

I LOVE this!!!!!

Several really, really interesting things happened today. My blogbuddy Cindy started my day off with a huge smile today. I visit her blog often and LOVE her pictures. She had one of a dragonfly last night and I asked her if she had any of my beloved butterflies. In response, she posted this: Wings for Jennifer. If you like butterflies, these are gorgeous...THANK YOU, Cindy!!!
Next's a commercial, produced by Pepsi, slated to run during the Super Bowl's pre-game show. This is popping up on several friends' blogs across the country and I HAD to share it with made me smile, burst out laughing, then nearly cry. (more information here!!) I love me some Pepsi!!!

I also want to share this video clip with you all....but you'll have to go to this website to see it. My blogging buddy Karen, who is deaf, drove around a Steak & Shake in her state yesterday and since she drove up to the window to order rather than ordering at the speaker, the MANAGER not only denied her service, but told her to quit holding up traffic or he'd call the police. She was outraged, her readers were outraged, and ABC news picked it up. I will be VERY interested to see what the outcome is to this story!!!
And Michael Chorost, who wrote the book Rebuilt, which I read just before my first CI was activated, had his second CI activated today. He wrote about it on his new blog...if you're interested, go visit him. He has two working ears now...the real challenge lies ahead...teaching them how to work together. Since my experience is so different, most of what he says is fascinating to me...a glimpse of how it's supposed to be :)!
In other, tragic news, I came home today from work to find that despite my best efforts to keep this family healthy, Fred the monkey (I keep wanting to call him George...Melli, that's your fault ;)) is bedridden with chicken pox (my girls were apparently in a very creative mood today). He has four anxious little nurses waiting on him hand and foot, and as you can tell from the cheerful smile on his face, he is soldiering on bravely. Poor Fred. (only at MY house!)

And today when I came home from lunch the oven went absolutely berserk and overheated (got so hot that it started self-cleaning, but without the locked door....oooh!). I couldn't make it shut off and it seemed to be getting hotter and hotter so I had to pull it out from the wall and unplug it. Oy. The repairman cometh tomorrow. Oh joy.
Going to bed....quite enough for one post...don't want to use up all the good stuff in one day! ;)
Love y'all......... :)

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