Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Another CI moment!

I had a neat CI moment today! I had to take Katie to the eye doc today for new glasses...it had been a year and a half since her last appointment and she was in bad shape. She wanted me to go in the exam room with her so I went. She was in the exam chair and I was across the room. The doc had his back to me, looking at her face, and turned the lights off to do the exam. Suddenly, I realized that I could hear everything he said to her! I hadn't been paying attention...Ellie was on my lap and I was playing with her...but when I listened I realized I could hear every word. I know I've had pretty good comprehension lately, but today drove home to me what a big improvement the CI has made...I've never, as long as I can remember, been able to get an eye exam before without knowing in advance what was going to be done, what was going to be asked, etc. I would always have to stop the testing and look at the doc and say "What did you say?" It was a real eye-opener to realize that I won't have to do that anymore...WOW!
I still have a little trouble at work...it's so LOUD there! Everything makes noise at Wal-Mart! I went back into the back the other day and one of the produce boys asked me, "Did you hear them page you?" I told him, no, I hadn't, and he said, "Well, you're supposed to call the office". I told him that I couldn't call the office, and he said, "Well, you HAVE TO"...to which I responded, "I'm deaf, remember?" After the initial sheepish grin he offered to make the phone call for me. I can hear the pages if I listen to them...but they're garbled, and there is a new page every few seconds, and I don't have the time or energy to focus on listening to them all day long :). Someone can come get me if they need me for anything! Word is getting around about the bionic gal in the produce department and I just love talking to people about it. They are naturally curious and have tons of questions and I have really enjoyed getting to educate people about it. I have also performed the famous paper-clip trick on more than one occasion...it never fails to entertain (and raise eyebrows) when you're able to stick things on the side of your head, as if by magic. Great party trick!
The two electrodes that are not with us anymore are not causing problems...I am happy to report that I seem to be fully acclimated to not using them. I desperately need a new map, since the other one wasn't great to start with...that will be remedied on Thursday at 10 (I canNOT wait!) I'll post and let y'all know how that goes! The biggest indicators of needing a new map for me are just an overall decrease in sound quality. Music sounds awful right now, where it sounded pretty good before, and things just sound a bit muddier and kind of irritating. I am ready to get back to some good CD quality sound again! :)
Mike Chorost continues to share his experiences with his second CI (and the exploits of the two ears together) on his blog...and Jim over at Countdown to Implant was activated today and has his own story to tell...go visit them! :)
A favor? I am updating my blogroll. If you want me to include you, PLEASE leave me a comment with the link to your blog and I'll link you. If I'm already linked to you but the link is out, let me know that, too, please? That includes all the DeafRead bloggers...I would love to link to any of you as well :) If you want to be included on my main blog blogroll too, let me know that too...I know that that roll needs to be updated!
Headed to bed...I've enjoyed being off today, and have an easy week ahead, but have to get up and get moving at 6 AM tomorrow, so I'm going to start winding down now. Hope everyone's having a great week and staying warm!! :)
Much love....... :)

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