Sunday, January 6, 2008


Late last night I watched US Marshals (ooh!). I had already put the ears to bed for the night (one of the benefits of being totally deaf with can still have quiet time when you want it!) but when I saw Tommy Lee Jones, Thing 2 went back on...I love his voice as well as his face and his attitude. sounded like a GIRL last night! And I know what that voice sounds like...and girly it ain't! What a bummer! I listened to it for about an hour and then took the CI back off and ended up falling asleep (I have it on DVD, so I can pick it up again later). All the men sound girly. I had heard other CI users mention having trouble with that before but hadn't ever noticed that particular problem personally until the two electrodes shorted out. Definitely something to work on at the next map (I think I'll bring along the laptop and my US Marshals DVD and we'll program it until Deputy Sam Gerard is sounding good again ;)!)
Despite that...and here's the funny part...this morning in church I actually heard the bell ring to signal the end of class...for the first time ever. It's a kind of shrill ring and I haven't ever been able to hear it before...even when listening intently for it. This morning I just heard it and wondered what it was until everyone got up and started walking out...then I knew. I also heard a noise during church and asked hubby what it was. He told me that it was the squeaky leather jacket of the woman sitting behind me...but I told him no...I know that sound now and that wasn't it. He asked me after church if maybe it sounded like the pump to the baptistry behind the pulpit, and I told him that THAT'S what I think it sounded like...a machine. He said that it wasn't supposed to be on but sometimes it kicks on when it's not supposed he's going to check it out. If that's not it I'm going to guess that maybe it's the heater or was definitely a machine...but hubby couldn't hear it, which, to me, is just wild :).
I have lost most of my sense of pitch, though...since we have men leading the singing and their voices throw me off. If my hubby starts singing before I can pick up the pitch from the women around me, I usually can't pick it up (he drowns them out). I didn't have trouble with that before, so, again, something to work on.
I have slept a bit and thought things through a bit and my thoughts on the deaf child mentioned in last night's post are a little calmer today. Whether or not I'd do the same thing, that child wasn't meant for those parents...for the good of the child AND the parents. I don't know the circumstances, so yesterday's posting seems a little judgmental today. Blame it on emotions.
My kids go back to school tomorrow (hooray!) and things will be somewhat back to normal. I'm glad...the lack of routine is making me crazy!
Later, y'all.... :)

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