Thursday, January 10, 2008

Better.... are slowly starting to sound like men again! What a relief!! I like men's voices, and was starting to feel like I was doomed to go through life listening to the guys talking in falsettos. I played a Paul Potts video a little while ago that I played just after activation...him singing "O Holy Night"...and it sounded pretty that's a relief. I also listened to Jeff and Geo's activation videos again. The first time I listened to them I couldn't hear their audiologists talking like I could Abbie's so I wanted to take another listen. I still couldn't hear the audies very well...could just catch a word here and there...but you guys will be happy to hear that you sound like men and not girls ;). And lastly, I have been watching US Marshals again (that man looks good even in a chicken suit...whoo!) and while the voice isn't perfect just yet, it is SO much better!!! YAHOO!
I think a new map will make a huge difference. I can't help but wonder if something went wrong in the mapping process this time. In addition to the two shorted electrodes, I was supposed to have the T-coil set in the third program slot and it's not working....all I get is static. In her defense, I didn't try it before I left her office...even though I had my phone in my purse. This time I'm trying it out before I ever leave :). I have been handling phone calls pretty well just using the T-mic. My daughter called me while I was at Wal-Mart the other night and there was a lot of background noise and I didn't do so well then...but I eventually figured out what she wanted (she was calling with a grocery list of things, mostly junk, that she wanted me to pick up for her before I left work!).
While I haven't put on Thing 1 every single day (mostly out of forgetfulness), when I do wear it it's been fine...thankfully. It's not loud enough so that I can hear a whole lot, but that's not what I'm concerned with right now....right now I am just concerned with comfort levels...and if I can accomplish that, life is very good :).
And you know that annoying loudspeaker at Wal-Mart? I was working the other day and I actually heard them page me over it. I wasn't sure at first that I'd heard it right, but one of the women standing there said, "they're paging you!" and sure enough, they wanted me to run one of the registers. I hadn't done that before, so it was a little nerve wracking...checking people out accurately while talking to them and bagging will take a little practice. I did pretty well, though, I thought...they kept me up there for a couple of hours, so I must not have been too terrible ;)!
Jeff, thanks for the explanation in the comments. It took me a few seconds to wrangle it out in my little pea brain but I did finally get what you were saying, and it helped. I'm SO not techie about this stuff (Abbie can tell you...the poor dear has been working patiently with me) but am slowly learning. Before Abbie got ahold of me I just mainly let the audie do what she wanted to I can say that I participate in my mapping sessions and know so much more about what's going on...and I like it much better that way :).
It's late, and I'm gonna get off here and watch my movie a bit longer...but I thought I'd update and let y'all know that things are on the upswing again...and I'm so thankful!! :) y'all! :)

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