Saturday, April 28, 2007


It seems like the Paula Deen fans have all been to visit and gone again...but it was fun seeing them all...I've had 262 visitors since yesterday morning, and 118 of them were Googlers looking for the name of Paula's husband's dog (which, by the way, I still don't know, and now I'm curious, ha!) I think the contest answers are due in the morning, so the traffic will stop soon, but it's been fun!
It's been a BUSY couple of days! I really should have posted something last night, but I didn't want to spoil the Paula party ;) I went to the audiologist yesterday for a tune-up. I had maxed out the volume on my processor (for the first time EVER!) and needed to have everything turned up. I left with a program that was MUCH too loud and sounded horrible last night at church, but it I am already adjusting to it.
I am in awe: I made no progress with this implant at all for three months when I was first hooked up. I stupidly quit wearing my processor after three months....I was seriously bummed after my three-month testing showed horrible results. I just gave up. I figured that I didn't have much time left with my "good" ear and wanted to enjoy it while I had it. I told my husband that I gave that ear about a year, two years tops. I think he thought I was being pessimistic but after 30 years, when things started going I knew they wouldn't stop until they hit bottom (they didn't have far to go!) Sure enough, they've gone, so I committed myself to wearing the processor...and amazingly, with the "competition" out of the way from that "good" ear gone bad, my implanted ear has just gone wild. People, yesterday at my testing, I scored a SIXTEEN PERCENT on my listening comprehension!! Take note: This testing was done in a soundproof room, with a man speaking crisply on a recording, and I guessed at most of the words. The only sentence I was relatively sure of was, "The football hit the goalpost". In normal listening situations (at my house, "normal" means the TV is on and four girls are talking at once) my comprehension is zero (unless someone says "Mama". I hear that word so many times a day that I hear it even when they're not saying it). And this was a man talking...again, I do much better with men's voices. But still....16% is INCREDIBLE....after I scored a zero percent and my audiogram showed NO gains at three months. It's like my brain just TURNED ON after I gave up that other ear!! I'm in awe...God is GOOD!!!
And listen here: I was due to get a processor upgrade this summer. I wasn't supposed to get it until later, due to my surgery date being so late last year, but my audiologist talked to the good folks at Advanced Bionics and, due to some things we have going on here, they are going ahead and giving me the new processor NOW, if nothing changes! They are supposed to be shipping it in the next few days, and it will be there when I go for my next mapping in three weeks!! The Harmony is getting rave reviews: it's supposed to make all the sounds much clearer, and a lot of wearers report being able to hear female voices and music better. Since the vast majority of my family is female, that will definitely be a plus!! I am just amazed at how blessed I am :)
Singing school has been OK this week...there are a lot of things I can't hear, but I know a lot of the songs we're working on, and even if I can't hear 'em well, I'm playing them in my head. Last night was kind of chaotic, because both our regular preacher and the visiting songleader got the nasty stomach virus that's going around and couldn't leave the house!! My brother-in-law Doug ended up teaching the men's songleading class, then several of the men in our congregation took turns leading songs during the regular worship service. They made it work! :)
Today was a good, busy one...I had a lunch date, then came home and did some cleaning...shampooed the carpets (ick)...made dinner (chili dogs...lazy tonight ;) )...oversaw kiddos getting ready for church. The preacher and songleader were recovered enough to be there tonight, although I didn't shake either of their hands ;). Came home and had a cup of coffee and watched TV for a little while. Hubby found me "The Fugitive" around was about halfway through, but it was still great. It's one of the all time great movies....Harrison Ford AND Tommy Lee doesn't get much better than that!!!!!
Tomorrow I won't get a lot sweetie nephew Jaydyn is spending the day here with us so I will be enjoying that little doll!! I don't get to keep him nearly often enough, so I am really looking forward to it. All the kids are excited, too...he's going to be pampered to death!!
Laurie asked me about Sitemeter. I have had it since July of last year and love it. The free edition will tell you where your visitors are from (well, where their ISPs are located, not their actual location); it will show you "referrals" (what site they followed to get to your page...if it's Google, it will tell you what they were looking for) and in some cases, if they clicked on something on your page, it will tell you what. Their paid edition will give you entire IP addresses, but those aren't always very useful...depends on what you're using the meter for :) I just like to know how many hits I get a day, how many of them are repeats, and approximately where they're from...just for my own entertainment :) I have tried other counters, but I like Sitemeter best! :)
I'm gonna get to's 1 AM and Jaydyn comes at 7:15! See y'all later....have a great weekend, everyone! :) <3

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