Sunday, April 15, 2007

I'm doing OK with the implant...I still have the overwhelming urge to put my hearing aid on in the mornings when I wake up.....thirty years of habit :) It took me losing the rest of the hearing in my "good" ear to realize how much I actually pick up with this implant...before that, I think I was comparing it to what hearing I had, and it came nowhere near measuring up. I can hear water running, ice shifting in my glass of Diet Coke, pages turning, kids on the stairs. I don't hear female voices well (it's a frequency thing) and things really don't sound anywhere near what I think they should sound like, but I have realized that I really am picking up a lot of sounds with it, and it has given me a lot of encouragement to keep trying!! My ultimate goal is to be able to understand some words without lipreading. I think I'll be able to do that, if I can ever tolerate any more volume than I do now (not much at all). I have about decided that anything beyond that will just be a bonus. I'm still not used to being "left-eared". That has been the biggest change of all...I've always held things up to the right ear, or turned the right ear to the kids, etc....and it doesn't work anymore...and it's taking me forever to figure that out! Music still sounds for now I am not going to knock myself out too much trying to "learn" it. I have to be able to interact with people...that's the first will come later, if at all.

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