Monday, April 23, 2007

Hey :)

Today we started a week of "Singing school" at church. We have Bro. Tim Stevens with us for the week and he got us all off to a good start this morning :) He will be working with the men of our congregation on song leading every night for an hour, then the rest of the congregation will sing for an hour after that, every night through Friday. We've done this before and it's always very uplifting and a lot of fun. This year's will be a little different, since I can't hear the music very well *argh* but it's about the worship, not necessarily all about the music, so I'll go and worship, and make melody in my heart, even if what comes in my ears or goes out my mouth isn't too impressive ;)! Several people have asked me today what exactly DO I hear, and that's hard to explain....I hear a lot of environmental noises, and I hear men's voices pretty well. I actually recognize one or two men's voices just by listening (familiar ones) but I am not making out words really well yet (although I did pick up a couple of words my son said from behind me in the car Friday on our way to eat...I was flabbergasted!). Women's voices are a whole other matter. I don't hear them well at all...they are too soft and too high. I was holding Jaydyn tonight at dinner and he threw a screaming fit on me, and I couldn't hear him (although I knew he was plenty mad...the balled-up fists and the red face and the wide open mouth were good clues!!!). Some sounds just don't come through. With constant re-programmings, though, it'll all come sooner or later :) ANYHOW, we have singing school this, after morning services, we had a potluck, and it was plenty of fun and MORE awesome food...I'm going to have to watch what I eat this week...I definitely overdid it over the weekend...but it was all yummy!!
The next few weeks look like they're going to be busy ones...I am trying to go through all our stuff in time to have a big yard sale before the kids get out of school (first weekend in June). We have a ton of stuff to go through, so it's not a fun job! We are also doing a little more traveling...yay!...we are talking about going to see my sister-in-law graduate from the University of Georgia's pharmacy school on May 5th...then maybe taking a weekend trip to San Antonio Memorial Day weekend (just hubby and me...we love that area!)...then I have the trip to Oklahoma City for the HLAA Convention the last weekend in June...then we're talking about going to Michigan to see some of hubby's family the first week in July! I love to travel so this is right up my alley...plenty to do in the next few weeks! I also have two doctor's appointments in the next week...hopefully, I'll find out something this week about what insurance is thinking about my second cochlear implant. Said all that to say that when I get time to get on here and write something, I should have plenty to talk about! ;)

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