Friday, April 13, 2007

I guess the fat lady has sung...

after my hearing test yesterday, I just left my hearing aid at Vanderbilt with the audiologist. She's not throwing it out....if you or anyone you know needs one, just holler....but I get very little benefit from it anymore so she is holding it for me so I will wear my implant processor more. I have been VERY bad about not wearing it the past few months. It just sounded so terrible and felt so uncomfortable that I just didn't want to put it on!! I put it on yesterday for the testing, and was surprised to find that my hearing had deteriorated so much that I could actually hear as well with the implant as I could with the hearing aid!! All this time, I thought I wasn't hearing anything. I guess a little perspective always helps :)
I didn't get a copy of the audiogram, but I have lost at least another 10 decibels in every frequency, and there are a few frequencies that I have lost entirely...the machine couldn't produce sounds loud enough for me to hear. I scored a 9 percent on the speech comprehension part of the test...and the reason I did that well was because of my high score in lip reading. So it's official, and the paperwork backs me up....I'm deaf as a post :) I was encouraged by the fact that I actually saw the benefit of the cochlear implant for the first time yesterday. Now I have a reason to really work with it, frustration and discomfort and all...because it does work, even if I hate it. And the audiologist seems to think that my paperwork should be enough to convince BlueCross that I need another implant. She said that she should have everything submitted to them in a few days, so I will start haunting the BlueCross webpage about the middle of next week ;). She said that we might have to appeal it at least once, since the official stance is that they only do bilateral implants in children under 12 (and I passed that puppy long ago) but she thinks it will eventually be approved. Fire up the prayers! If you want to know what to ask for...pray that insurance will pay for it, and in a timely manner. I don't want to drag this whole mess out over a year like I did last year! :)
Yesterday was so crummy that I just sat in bed last night and vegged out. The traffic was horrendous all the way to Vanderbilt. It usually takes me about an hour and 15 minutes to get where I need to go, but due to balky children, horrendous traffic, torrential rainstorms, and construction work in Vanderbilt's parking garage, I was FORTY FIVE MINUTES LATE for my appointment (and I had given myself an hour and a half to get there!!) I was amazed they'd still see me after that!! The testing itself wasn't bad (it's always kind of fun, and they didn't tell me anything I didn't already shockers there!). And dinner (Mexican) was delicious, but it made me sick to my stomach last night for some reason. One of those days where I shoulda stayed in bed ;)!
Think I'm just gonna muck around the house today and try to get some little things done. We have the teenager's Bible study this Saturday night and I have some housework to do! :) Love to all.... :) <3

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