Thursday, August 31, 2006

If everything goes as planned...

My cochlear implant surgery will be Friday, October 27th. I got an e-mail from Wendi tonight listing several dates, and I chose the first available one...that was as soon as I could get in. Unless something comes up between now and the time she puts it on the books to keep me from getting that date, it looks like that will be the Big Day. That day will be almost seven months since I started the entire process of getting a CI. Much longer than I planned...but one thing I have learned from other CI users is that the whole process is a lesson in patience.
Even after I am implanted there will be a need for patience. I won't hear overnight the way you do. It will take weeks, months, or even a couple of years before my brain learns to interpret the sounds. I will have audiotherapy for a time to retrain my brain...much like a stroke victim has therapy to retrain their brain to work with damaged limbs. All the same, it's a start. Getting the CI won't be the end of the adventure....only the beginning!!
I need to get to bed. I am driving to Gatlinburg in the morning...and I need to be at least partly awake!

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