Saturday, August 19, 2006

Children with Bilateral Implants:

A neat news story and video here. The video loaded quickly on my computer and it's worth a quick explains the implant, and seems to support chldren who receive two implants.
I thought that it would be informative to those of you who are unfamiliar with the process. My grandmother thought I was getting a cochlear transplant...a cochlea from someone else transplanted into my ear. The implant is an amazing process :)

Linda also made mention of the PBS special "The Sound and the Fury" in the comments section. It is a movie that chronicles a family that divided over the use of cochlear side of the family thought that they were betraying their Deaf heritage by being implanted, and the other side chose the benefits of being able to hear. It divided the family at that time (2000) but there is an update out..."The Sound and the Fury: Six Years Later". From what I understand, the side of the family that was so opposed to implants saw how well the side of the family with implants was faring, and chose to have their own child implanted so that she, too, could have the benefits of hearing. That's just what I've heard. I wish I could see it. Wonder if it's on video?

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