Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Heads up:

I've enabled comment moderation on my blog. If you don't "flippin' care" as one commenter so eloquently put it, about what's going on in my head, that's fine...don't bother visiting. I won't post any comments that are in the least inflammatory, or that I think are suspect. I have five children and I don't let them say rude things to start fusses in my presence. I tell them that if they don't have anything kind to say, to just keep their mouths shut. And if you don't like my choices, or if you don't care, that's totally OK with me, but I won't allow any kind of squabbling on my blog. Some other CI bloggers...Abbie, Jodi, and Val, to name a few...put up with all manner of bickering on their blogs...Jodi comes out swinging...You go, girl!...but that's just not my style. Any comments I don't like won't go any farther than my own inbox. I'm gonna hit the delete button, just like you're entitled to when you see that I've got a new post up on DeafRead...skip on over it, folks, you won't hurt my feelings. If I don't know you, and can't decide how your comment's meant, I might contact you before I take any action just to make sure, OK?
I have been cleaning up comments all day today, and I'm done with it. Thanks for being so understanding. If you're a regular commenter, I hope you'll still leave your will take them a little longer to come through, but you know I want to hear from you! :)
I haven't heard from the CT today. The audiologist said that maybe I'd hear from the doc this afternoon...but I didn't. Bummer! I really wanted to know! So, keeping my fingers crossed that I'll hear something tomorrow. I'll post when I know something, because I know some of you are as anxious to hear as I am! :) y'all! :)

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