Monday, May 19, 2008

A whirlwind weekend!

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It's been just wild here! Thursday afternoon I drove down to Nashville a little early and picked up a new CD from the Christian bookstore then walked around the mall for a little while before meeting Laurie at the hotel around 5:30. We visited for a few minutes then decided to walk into town and eat dinner at the Melting Pot. I had never been before and when Laurie suggested it, I was all over that idea! It was SO yummy!! I told hubby that we are SO going to have to go there soon...I think he would really like it. It was a little dark and dungeon-like down there (ha!) and I worried that Laurie and I might have trouble communicating but we did fine...I could hear her with no problem at all. We were there a couple of's definitely not fast food...and it was so much fun catching up! We got back to the hotel right at 9:00...just in time for the HearingJourney Thursday night chat (every Thursday night at 9 central, y'all!). That's a fairly new's been going on for several weeks, and it's a lot of fun. We visited with them for a while and then we talked a bit more...not too late, though, because we were both tired! We found out right when we were going to sleep that the TV didn't work...argh...I am totally hooked on having a TV to fall asleep with...but I must have been really, really tired because I declined to call up the front desk to get it fixed...and I managed to fall asleep without it...and fast!
Laurie's meeting was at 9:30 so we got up and got moving pretty early and were at the Nashville Public Library, Starbucks in hand, right on time. The meeting was very interesting and informative....I hadn't ever sat in on one of them and it was interesting to see what was happening across Tennessee with the various deaf/hard of hearing agencies. The panel is made up of various representatives of deaf/hard of hearing cultures: the culturally Deaf, hard-of-hearing, CI wearers, Black Deaf, interpreters, etc. and they all discuss things that are important to them and ways to improve things that aren't up to par, etc. It went on until around noon and for the most part was just really fascinating. They wanted a group shot afterwards but there wasn't a really good camera available...guess what, I had mine, so I volunteered my photo services :). I'll let Laurie post what she's got and tell her take on it when she gets home (she's off on yet another adventure!)
The meeting took place in the Nashville library...I didn't know this until I got there, but it was the 30th anniversary of both the Governor's Council and the Nashville Library Services for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. Sandy Cohen, who is the librarian in charge of Deaf and Hard of Hearing services, offered to take us up and show us around after the meeting...and I was just blown away. Any kind of book, magazine, or DVD that you could possibly want that relates to deafness/hearing loss can be checked out at the Nashville library free of charge to Tennessee residents...and they have the largest collection in the nation of these materials. They also have a huge display area of assorted video phones and assistive listening devices (ALD's) and if someone comes in that needs to use these services, they are available. I had been talking to several of the CI babies' moms about the Signing Time DVDs and they had those prominently displayed...I just had to have 'em! I brought home three of them and the little girls have been watching up a storm. We have the first three in the series and so far they've got the first one memorized and are working on the second one! AWESOME!! If you have time, and especially if you're a Tennessee on the link above and see all the amazing resources they have. If you live close by...a visit would be WELL worth the time!!! We didn't leave there until around 2...and I could have stayed longer, but we had to head back home!
Got home around 3 and made dinner and started on desserts for a family reunion we went to on Saturday. Saturday I woke up with a killer headache (blech) but dosed myself liberally with ibuprofen and was good to go by lunchtime.
Yesterday in between church services I just rested, and today I had to clean out the deep freezer....sad story there...someone left the door open on the thing and it was just not pretty. The rest of this week is filled with end of school activities (the girls get out on Wednesday, and Will's having a couple of buddies over later in the week...yee-haw). I also downloaded a few songs for Will off iTunes today...and got my own copy of David Cook singing Eleanor Rigby....woo-hoo! :) Gonna get on Amazon in a bit and order Guitar Hero 3 for the kids...they want it for their Wii. I might have to play this one with them!!!!
I told y'all wrong in my previous appointment next week isn't on Tuesday the such day :). Rather, it's on Tuesday the 27th. As of now, I have an appointment for a head CT immediately after my appointment with the AB rep (Abbie, this guy's name is Andy...never heard of him). However, Susan is trying to get me in for the CT earlier if possible so that we can review it at that appointment...I'm kinda on standby for the next few days...keeping my fingers crossed! We won't have time to map Thing 2 this time...will have to wait until June 9th, after all, for that. That's OK, though...I just noticed last night when I took the processor off that I had it on one of my alternate programs...I don't even remember what it telling how long it's been on the wrong program like that. I switched it back to Program 1 and my beloved Fidelity 120 programming and all was right in my world sounded better than it had in a while (sounds like something I'd do, right?) Ah well! :)
As I've said before...the results aren't the most important thing yet...if I have to have more surgery, we'll cross that bridge when we come to it...and the results will be what they are. At this very moment, I'm just more focused on answers...why things aren't right...and what's causing it. I'll deal with the results when we get to them! :) to bed here....I'll let you folks know when I know more!!! Have a great week, y'all :)

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