Thursday, September 28, 2006

Today was a good one :)

Today was my checkup with Dr. Haynes. My mother-in-law picked up the kids from school and took them home with her and Dicky drove me to Nashville. We had a great checkup...Dr. Haynes said everything looked good. I 'fessed up to picking the stitches but he was nice enough to not fuss (he's just a really nice guy in general :) ). I told him that I am still dizzy, and he said that some people just had to deal with it a little longer, but that he really thought it would go away in time. I knew going into this that dizziness was one of the side effects and that it was possible that it could last for a while. I still wanted it, and I still want it now, and this is just part of it. All of the other side effects are nearly gone...the numbness in my ear is barely noticeable anymore, and the numbness and salty taste in my mouth are almost completely gone. Having gotten a clean bill of's onward to activation on October 10th! I can't wait!

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