Sunday, September 10, 2006

T-minus 16 hours and counting...

I'm just trying to get through today. I'm so excited I cannot wait! Mother-in-law is watching the kids tonight and Dicky and I are driving to Nashville and staying at a hotel about five minutes from Vanderbilt. I have to be there at 6 AM, so this way, we can sleep in until 5 (if I sleep at all). I can see myself sitting bolt upright in the bed at 3 AM playing cards on the computer :) Surgery is scheduled for 7:30. I don't know yet when my hook-up date will be...the day when I hear my first sounds from my new implant. I am guesstimating in about to to three weeks...basically, whenever the incision heals enough.
This week has been spent in housecleaning and frantically doing schoolwork to get ahead so I won't have to work as much next week. Dicky and I drove the Escape to its new owner in Huntsville, AL yesterday morning. The title FINALLY came in, oh, about Wednesday. TWO MONTHS after we picked it up! Ugh! Our friend Jon Sr. let us borrow Abigail, his Garmin Streetfinder GPS (I am in love, but don't want to pay the money for one) to find the house, and it took us right there. We were going to find somewhere nice to eat on the way home, since it was my 35th birthday (Thanks to everyone that wished me a happy one! BlueCross is buying the present this year!) but I acccidentally pushed "find shortest route" instead of "find fastest route" on Abigail, and we ended up driving through the boondocks all the way home, with nary a nice restaurant in sight. We ended up eating at The Barn in Fayetteville, TN, which was not much to look at, but pretty good eating...$6.50 plus tax apiece for the lunch buffet, drink included, with delicious fried chicken and banana pudding. As soon as we got home we added the finishing touches to the house and then the church kids came for their monthly Bible study. While the kids were studying I worked on my Psych paper. I'm about 2/3 of the way through with it....I'm hoping to get it done tonight, if I can think straight.
I've been promised home cooking by several different people this week, so the family and I will be taken care of. In fact, our friend Connie is ahead of the game, as she brought some Amish Friendship Bread, in four flavors (chocolate, cinnamon, lemon poppyseed, and coconut....nothing "bread" about 'em...this was CAKE) Thursday to build up my strength for the upcoming ordeal (at least I think that's what she was trying to do). She did a fine job. I feel much stronger already. I think the Amish in her reared its head again this weekend because when I got in the van this morning after church I found that we had been gifted with another fresh loaf of bread (this one smells like actual bread...with a little butter, it will be to die for). She's going to gift me right out of my pants if she's not careful...they're already getting tight.
Having said that, I'm considering taking Tallahassee Lassie's advice and having a big bowl of brownies and ice cream tonight before midnight (nothing after). She had a good result, you know, when she had hers, and I want the best possible result with mine.
Keep the prayers coming. God answers them.

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