Thursday, September 21, 2006

Thursday update :)

I'm feeling much better physically...not quite so run-down, although I'm still dizzy. There are times during the day when it isn't as bad, then it will flare up and get nasty, so I can't really say it's any better at all, but I still expect it to get better. It's only been a little over a week, I keep reminding myself, and this is all normal. Mom picked me up and drove me to Claire's school yesterday, since it was her 6th birthday (I need to take some pictures, but we haven't had any official celebrations yet...several little ones here and there, but nothing big and party-ish yet). We had lunch with her and then Mom and I went to Wal-Mart (I could walk fine there since I had a cart to act as a walker ;) ). I thought perhaps some Sudafed would help the stuffed-head sensation (it only helps a little), so I picked some up. I also looked around for one of those microbead pillows, but couldn't find one. Mom brought me one of her pillows to of those big foam chiropracter pillows with the big dip in the middle, so I slept on that last night. After a week of sleeping terribly, I CRASHED on that pillow last night! It was WONDERFUL! I could sleep on my implanted side with little or no discomfort...ah! I have to admit that when Mom picked the little girls up from school this morning, I went back to bed...and I slept WAAAAAAAAYY too felt so good to sleep WELL!!
Doug and Lisa came to get the kids and me for church last night, since I'm still not driving, and they brought us home. I feel so much better when I get out and am around people...being home makes me bananas. The wonderful church folks have all been so supportive and interested and I always enjoy being with them!!
When I woke up this morning after sleeping too late, I had some pleasant aunt had come by to visit and brought me a Clean Cotton Yankee Candle, and my hubby had brought me a microbead Superman pillow and some Hershey's Special Dark Truffles Nuggets! Talk about feeling SPOILED!! I felt SO bad that I had missed my aunt's visit...I don't get to see her very often, and she has been one of my strongest supporters through all this CI business. Maybe I can make it up to her with a visit once I can drive again!!
Like I said, I'm feeling stronger...not so wiped out, a little more today I went in the garage and worked on the hand-me-downs a bit. I think next week will be a little warmer than this one has been, but last night it actually got down in the 40s, and the girls didn't have any long-sleeved shirts in their closets, so I tackled that job more out of necessity than anything else. I still have a lot of work to do in that department...I basically just went through last year's clothes and looked to see if anything still fit (since I never got them properly put away last year). I still have rubbermaid tubs to look in to see if there's anything else I need to get out, then if we're lacking anything, the fun part: shopping to fill in the gaps! :D I did try not to over-do, since I get grumpy when I do, so I allowed my husband to drive us to eat Mexican for dinner instead of attempting to cook or heat up anything. Tomorrow night Katie is having a sleepover, so we will probably order pizza or something, then Saturday is my Grandma's birthday party (Grandma will be 95 tomorrow) and my niece's baby shower (baby Jaydyn is due Dec. 4th) I have a full schedule this weekend!
Oh, when I got home from Wal-Mart yesterday, Katie brought out some flowers that our friends Joe and Joy had sent. I have never seen a more beautiful arrangement in all my life. It has about four different colors of roses, hydrangeas, lilies, and I don't know what all else (I'm terribly flower illiterate) is the most colorful arrangement I've ever seen. A couple pictures below....perhaps you can help me identify some of the flowers, so we (OK, my husband, not WE) can plant some of them next year. I wish they'd last forever...they're so pretty!
I have felt so good today that I almost feel recovered, honestly. If only the dizziness would stop and the stitches would all fall out (I had to file my fingernails waaaaaaaaaay down tonight because I simply cannot keep my fingers off them)! They are making me batty!
I got a little good news this morning, and I hope I get to share it soon. Just waiting to make sure that what's supposed to happen really does happen! :)
Hope the new blog template is easier to read. The big Advanced Bionics picture below was squashed all over into my links with the other one and it annoyed me. I know I could have made the picture smaller, but I decided to change the template instead. I was bored with the other one ;) I was trying to do the Newsline template on this page but I couldn't make the red line at the top show up. I might try to add some bling to the blog in a few days but for now, this'll do :)
I hope everyone else is having a great week :)!

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