Friday, September 1, 2006

It just keeps getting better...

I e-mailed Wendi back Wednesday night, telling her that I would take the October 27th date, but jokingly (well, halfway jokingly, anyhow) commented that I'd do it tomorrow if they had an opening.
We got up yesterday morning, drove to Gatlinburg, TN, unpacked in a gorgeous chalet high up in the hills, and I discovered that there was no Internet. I unplugged the phone, plugged in my phone cable, and got a free Netzero High-Speed (hah!) Dial-Up Internet account. In about half an hour I was reading my e-mails. There was one from Wendi saying that I could have the October 27th date if I wanted it, but that there had been a cancellation....for September 11th...if I wanted it. DO HENS LAY EGGS? DO BIRDS FLY? Of COURSE I wanted it!!!!! I tried to e-mail her back, but Netzero and Charter decided that they were drawing the line at playing nicely together right there, and wouldn't let me e-mail her back. I could have used my Yahoo! Mail and e-mailed her, but remember, I was using Netzero High-Speed (hah!) Dial-Up Internet, and the appointment would have been given away, Wendi would have gone home for the day, fed and bathed her children and gone to bed by the time I got the e-mail sent, so I dispatched my hubby to borrow Lisa's cell phone and CALL her instead. I was overjoyed to find that the spot was still open, and, after professing my love for Wendi, who is the Worlds' Best Surgery Coordinator, we told her I'd take it :) So, September 11th at 7:30 AM, I will be implanted. I CANNOT WAIT!!! I am SO BLESSED!!!!!
Of course, it will be documented, and I'll probably take some gross pictures, and will share all the hair-raising details, so watch this space...I will have something to blog about!
We're headed out in a few minutes to the Dollywood Dixie Stampede (I would hyperlink, but I would like to finish this post today). We've gone several times before, but it's an awesome show and always worth seeing again. I will post a few pictures SOMETIME of our travels. As
dial-up royally stinks, and the nearest wifi hotspot is supposedly about 20 minutes away, it might be a few days before I can either post with any regularity or post pictures, but I'll be back pretty soon :) In the meantime, y'all can enjoy my good news...and disregard my ticker, since it would take too long for me to change it today :)

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