Saturday, June 7, 2008

Test results!

I got this in the mail a couple of days has just taken me a little while to get it scanned and up. You can compare it to my audiograms and test results at three months and at one month post-activation. Or you can go to the audiogram album here and see everything I've got so far :). I'm pleased...HINT sentences in quiet were 96%, sentences in noise were 88% (up from 74% at three months) and CNC words and phonemes were 68% and 82%, respectively, compared to 62% and 75% last time. HOORAY! :) I'm now just considered to have a "mild" hearing loss...can you believe it??!?! This is the best audiogram and the best test results, like, ever in my whole life, people!
I'm getting closer to being ready...two birthday celebrations taken care of, the house is somewhat closer to being clean, and two of the three talks I'm given are squared away. I will be READY to get away for a few days...believe me!! :)
Oh, and I have had several people request that I create an RSS feed for this blog, since Blogger is being a pain and only publishing an Atom feed. Sam has been telling me to use Feedburner for about six months now and I have been too slow to figure it out before now. I worked on it again tonight and FINALLY got it up and running. So you can subscribe now with the button over there --------------------> :) This blog has only been live since, what, October of last year? That took me long enough, didn't it?

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