Thursday, March 6, 2008

Audiogram from 2/29/08

This finally came in today's mail....hooray! :) (click on it to make it bigger and much more readable!)
I looked it over and initially thought that it was better than my previous (Dec. '07) audiogram, but fact is, it's nearly identical. I've gained 5 dB in the 3000 hz range...but other than that...identical :). I hear in almost every frequency in the 30 dB range, until we get to the higher frequencies, where it drops down to 35 and 45 dB. There is still time for it to change, but I don't anticipate getting those higher frequencies up too much higher. My curiosity is piqued now, though, and I am wondering what my old audiograms look like...the ones before I was even considering a CI. Think I'll call the local audie and ask her if she has them...I'm having fun comparing results!!
Testing results are all at the bottom of the page :)!

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