Monday, February 11, 2008

Quick update!!!

I'm going to make this way's bedtime! Just wanted to come on here and let those of you that actually count how many days go between posts (big know who you are! ;)) know that I'm still alive and kicking over here! It has been hectic...I have been on the go almost constantly since last Friday morning. I have been writing about all the activities over on the family blog if you want to check it out there...I don't have time to recap it here!! :)
I do want to post that I got to meet up with my buddy Laurie on Saturday morning. Laurie was one of the first people I ever met with a CI and she has been one of my biggest supporters from the very beginning. She roomed with me at the the HLAA convention in Oklahoma City last June and we had a terrific time. We don't get to get together as often as we like...but when we do, it's always quality time!! We got to spend time with a potential CI candidate Saturday was awesome meeting Susan and her hubby Houston and getting to know them better...they are such great people!! I will hopefully get to see Susan next month at the Nashville HLAA meeting...but won't get to see Laurie again until May, more than likely.
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Jen, Laurie, and Susan (more pictures in the Picasa Web Albums ------> )

The HLAA meeting was Saturday...and it was great seeing everyone again...a month is entirely too long for me to go without seeing that crowd!! We got some great news this month...the 2009 HLAA convention will be in NASHVILLE!!!! I am SO excited....that means I get to help with it!! I have already told my hubby that even if it IS practically in our backyard I am still getting a hotel room and staying on site so that I can enjoy it with everyone else! That news just made my whole month! I did tell hubby that the only thing I don't like is that I like traveling out of state for my conventions....getting to see NEW places...Nashville is home, so it won't be anything new and interesting, but it will still be awesome! We left there and went to a Valentine's party, which was was a candlelight dinner party in the dark in a huge crowd of loud, rowdy adults. My comprehension is pretty good, but it was no match for loud and dark :(. What a contrast between the comfort of my captioned hearing loss meeting and that party! I went from feeling at home to feeling out of place and uncomfortable...ugh! I hate that feeling!!
Sunday we celebrated my Grandma's 90th birthday. The party was huge...probably around 150 people...and it was great seeing relatives I hadn't seen in months (some of them in years) and telling all about my CI. They were all totally fascinated by it and loved testing it out to see if I could really hear them (I could). It was a bit too loud in there and I had to struggle a little, but it was still much, much easier than it's been in years....and I am so grateful!!
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I had an incident this morning involving my lost keyring (not only that, but an expensive CI battery that I keep on it!!) (the entire story is on the other blog) that kept me on the phone for the better part of an hour with many different people....and, unbelievably...I understood nearly every word. My phone comprehension seems to keep getting better and better. I think it's officially time for me to put my phone hangups on the back burner and start trying to talk to people more. The only way I'm going to gain confidence is to practice. Anyone want me to call 'em??
I have more to write, but I'm going to bed...I work EVERY DAY this week, including Saturday, and if I don't keep up with my sleep I'm not going to survive the week!! I'll try to write more in the next day or so...when I have more time and energy!! :)
Love y'all....

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